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    Following the release of the shmup Aero Fighters, several members of developer Video Systems left and formed a new company: Psikyo. Aero Fighters 2 still turned out rather well without them, but Psikyo would release some high-quality titles itself. Zerodiv has already brought some of those to Switch, but now it's bringing Psikyo’s...

  • News Zerodiv Will Unleash Samurai Aces On The Switch eShop Next Week

    Great shot kid!

    The wait for Strikers 1999 just got a whole lot easier since ZeroDiv is bringing Psikyo's brilliant 1993 Samurai Aces next week. We already knew it was coming, but we are pleased to see it land sooner rather than later on the Switch eShop. Know in Japan as Sengoku Aces, this was the first shmup Psikyo published after the team...