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    A real hoot

    Owlboy is a game almost 10 years in the making; surviving a variety of ups and downs over the last decade, the developers at D-Pad Studio finally felt the sweet taste of universal acclaim when it launched on PC last year. The game tells the story a mute owl called Otus, an underdog of sorts who is always looked down upon and thought to...

  • News Owlboy Will Swoop Onto the Switch on 13th February

    Will potentially have a retail edition, too

    Owlboy is a game that we've been eagerly awaiting on the Switch; confirmed back in May, there'd been little said about it since. Now D-Pad Studio has confirmed that the title will come to Switch and other consoles on 13th February, so we're in the home stretch. The announcement was made as part of a video...

  • News Owlboy Is Coming to the Switch

    It's a real hoot

    Though the jury’s still out on long term, AAA third party support for the Nintendo Switch, it seems that the platform will at least enjoy a plethora of quality indie titles. Though the Wii U proved that this doesn’t necessarily spell success for a console, it also didn’t have the benefit of being a both a home console and...