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  • News News Channel Launches

    Wii gets another new channel, this time its all in the news.

    Nintendo have today announced that the free "News Channel" will be available for Wii from tommorrow. The channel using the international resources of the Associated Press gives you key stories in multiple categories from across the country and around the world. "What Wii has done for video gaming, we hope it will also accomplish for..

  • News Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

    Good news for early adopters; The Nintendo Wiis Opera web browser will be free to download until June 2007.

    A press released by Opera today has stated that the Wii web browser will be free to download until June 2007. The browser will not cost a thing once downloaded. After that you will be required to use up your Wii points to download the browser...

  • News Wii Will Not Support Third Party Online Play Until 2007

    Looks like we're going to have to wait some time to get online play.

    IGN published a preview for "Tony Hawks Downhill Jam" today and at the end it has a bit of information regarding the titles online status. IGN claim that third party developers will not be able to utilise the online interface for the Wii until well into 2007. Of course I don't think this is going to affect first party support for..