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  • News NBA 2K18 Patch #4 Goes Live Soon, Fixes A Whole Buncha Stuff

    I wish I was a baller

    Our revised review for NBA 2K18 has recently gone live, but 2K Games isn't done patching its premier basketball title just yet. The company has just issued the patch notes for update number 4 - live now for PS4 and coming to Xbox One, Switch and PC "soon" - and there's a lot of reading involved. You can view the full patch...

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    Review NBA 2K18

    Hoop dreams

    Note: We originally posted our NBA 2K18 review last month but the game was essentially broken, with a number of serious game-affecting bugs. It was so severe that we were unable to give the game a score, because we considered it incomplete. While we really enjoyed the game when it worked properly, our advice at the time was clear:...

  • Video Here's What NBA 2K18 Looks Like on the Switch

    "JPEG artifact hair"

    Third-party support is always welcome on Nintendo platforms, especially if it's in the form of a title as popular as NBA 2K18. But how can such a little console squeeze out enough juice to make such a taxing game run well? Well, clearly 2K is wondering the same question. To say things run smoothly certainly isn't accurate, as...

  • News 2K Hopes To Slam Dunk The Bugs In NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch

    Double dribble

    It's fair to say that 2K Sports' NBA 2K18 hasn't got off to the best of starts on the Switch, not for everyone at least, with players reporting problems with corrupted save files. Our reviewer has also found various other issues to date, with garbled sound during some cutscenes and playback of other scenes sometimes being out of...

  • News NBA 2K18 Players Report Problems With Corrupted Save Files

    A multiplatform issue

    NBA 2K18 has caused plenty of chortles and debate due to its whopping 5GB space requirement for save data, but it seems that the launch build has some more serious issues. Multiple users have reported the game corrupting and losing save data, which is a particular blow if progress is being made in the My Career mode - some of...

  • News NBA 2K18 to Have All Modes and Support amiibo on Switch, But Won't Hit 60fps

    Early impressions suggest it's a 'little last-gen'

    NBA 2K18 is one of a few high profile sports titles coming to the Switch this year - the Wii U also had some early support that only lasted one round of games, but hopefully the Switch will have greater longevity. With its release closer some impressions are emerging, and our network colleagues at...

  • News NBA 2K18 Shaquille O'Neal Special Editions Coming to Nintendo Switch

    Switch is tipping off alongside PS4 and Xbox One

    It'll be interesting to see how NBA 2K18 will fare on the Nintendo Switch; on the one hand it's easy to be nervous of a 'last-gen' port in light of the fact this game is also coming to Xbox 360 and PS3, but at the same time Nintendo's system is included in key editions and promotions alongside PS4 and...