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  • News Miitomo, Nintendo's Original Mobile App, Passes Away

    We hardly knew ye

    Miitomo, brainchild of mobile game producer DeNA, has passed away. It was just over two years old. The cause of death is currently unknown; however, it is believed that the de-emphasizing of Miis on the Nintendo Switch – as well as Nintendo’s increasing focus on adapting traditional games such as Mario and Animal Crossing for...


  • Soapbox Miitomo's Days Are Numbered, But Its Death Was Written In The Stars From The Start

    Exit stage-left for the Mii

    Soapbox features enable our individual writers to voice their own opinions on hot topics, opinions that may not necessarily be the voice of the site. In this piece, editor Dom takes a look back on the forgotten first child of Nintendo's mobile marriage and why its surprisingly the semi-social network even survived this...

  • News Miitomo Meets Its End On 9th May

    *sad trumpet*

    When Nintendo announced that it would be bringing games to mobile devices, the industry was awash with excitement over the potential franchises that we would soon be seeing in app form. It was a rather odd move, then, when Nintendo announced that its first game would be the social app Miitomo. Sort of a social network, sort of a game,...




  • News Miitomo Version 2.2.0 Can Now Be Downloaded

    Assuming Fire Emblem Heroes hasn't taken all your extra space

    When Fire Emblem Heroes launched last week, some news also came out about an update that would be coming to Nintendo's Mii-centric social app, Miitomo. Though no specific time was given for when to expect it, we were told it would be coming "soon", and that evidently meant today. Miitomo...

  • News Here Are The New Features Coming in Miitomo's Next Big Update

    Miifoto Logs! Bios! Other Stuff!

    After today's Fire Emblem collaboration, it seems that Miitomo is being brought back into the limelight a bit. A little while back, the app received a considerable update that reworked several important aspects, and now it's come out that Nintendo is poised to put out another similar update in the near future. The...



  • Video Celebrate Miitomo's Update With These Cringe-Worthy Promo Videos

    Do you have a confession to make?

    Miitomo got a huge update today which allows users to send each other direct messages, decorate their rooms and even strut their sense of fashion for all the world to see. To mark this occasion - and to perhaps remind people that Miitomo exists - Nintendo has published two video promos which highlight the new...

  • News The New Miitomo Update is Now Live

    A much-needed shot in the arm

    During the Financial Investors Briefing a few weeks ago, Nintendo revealed that a big update was coming to Miitomo which, among other new features, would be adding in the ability to send out personal messages to friends. The update has just gone live for Android and iOS, and has brought a whole wealth of new features to...

  • News Huge Miitomo Update Promises Direct Messages, Room Customisation And Sidekick Miis

    Show off your style and answer publicly-posted questions, too

    The Miitomo update that was teased back in October has been revealed in a little more detail. Once the mandatory updates arrives, you'll be able to send direct messages to people on your friends list. You'll also be able to customize what your room looks like by picking a wallpaper and...



  • News New Rewards Are Now Available On My Nintendo

    Kirby! Yo-Kai Watch 2!

    If you've got a wealth of coins to spend on your My Nintendo account then you might want to visit the rewards site today as some new items have just gone live. For 200 coins you can get either a Kirby Robobot Armor T-shirt or Kirby & Qbby (of BOXBOY fame) T-shirt, both of which can be used in Miitomo. In North America, a...

  • News Kirby Gear is Coming to Miitomo

    How dreamy

    Miitomo has been gradually incorporating clothing and items from various other Nintendo franchises, with Super Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and Splatoon all making an appearance in timed events over the past several months. Now, it seems that everybody's favorite super-tuff pink puff is about to get in on the action; Kirby gear is coming to...









  • News Miitomo Could Make This Year's Mii March The Biggest One Yet

    Perfect timing

    Mii March - AKA Mii Profile Picture Month - started life back in 2013 when a bunch of 3DS owners promoted their Miis in celebration of the console's second birthday. Since then, the movement - which involves changing your social media profile images to your Mii avatar - has grown in stature, and this year's event could be the biggest...