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  • News Franchises Like Story Of Seasons Aiming For Global Expansion Thanks To New Marvelous, Tencent Deal

    Tencent becomes the primary shareholder

    Japanese developer and publisher Marvelous has announced that it is set to enter into a 'capital and business alliance' with Image Frame Investment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese tech giant, Tencent (thanks, Famitsu). The decision to team up with Tencent - the company which helped Nintendo to launch...

  • News Daemon X Machina Is No Longer A Switch Exclusive, Arrives On PC This Month

    Less than six months after its release

    Exclusivity can make or break a video game console. In the case of the Switch, it's made a name for itself over the past few years thanks to a number of highly successful exclusives. One title that wasn't as positively received, though, was Daemon X Machina. The game was published by Nintendo, developed by...

  • Random Senran Kagura Was Almost Named 'Ninjugs' Here In The West

    "better judgment sliced through and prevailed"

    Senran Kagura by Marvelous might not be the most well-known series here in the west, but it is beginning to get more exposure. Most recently, the localisation team at XSEED Games helped release Senran Kagura: Peach Ball on the Nintendo Switch. Once again, this game starred the usual group of female...

  • News Senran Kagura Producer Leaves Marvelous After Frustrations Over Sexual Content Restrictions

    Now working with Cygames

    Kenichiro Takaki, producer of the Senran Kagura series, has reportedly left his position at Japanese developer Marvelous. Takaki, known as the “huge boobs producer” by fans thanks to his work on the mature-themed Senran Kagura games, had been working with Marvelous for 13 years. The news of his departure comes via...

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    Review Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven

    Domestic Bliss

    When Rune Factory developer Neverland sadly shut up shop in 2013, there was still one project left on the table - a brand new story-driven SRPG named Lord of Magna. It lay unfinished until Marvelous miraculously reassembled part of the original team to finish the game, and we're lucky they did; it's not perfect, but with fun battles,...

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    Review Story of Seasons

    Rewriting the story

    Have you ever wanted to leave it all? Just pack your bags, move to a completely new place and start a brand new life? If you've ever wanted to see what it's like to start fresh, now is your chance with the release of Marvelous' latest farming simulation title, Story of Seasons. As was outlined in our recent review of

  • News This is Why New Little King's Story Isn't on Wii

    Royal pardon

    Little King's Story remains a firm Wii favourite here at Nintendo Life. After all, how could you not love a game about a tiny king that deals with unemployment by day and bashes in gigantic mushrooms by night? It made us royal blue, then, that a sequel never came to Nintendo's system; in fact, follow up New Little King's Story chose to...

  • News New Harvest Moon: First Earth 3DS Videos Ripen Up

    Don't soil yourself

    North America has already had one Harvest Moon game on 3DS — Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns — but that was really a slightly different version of the DS original rather than a just-for-3DS deal. The console's first original entry in the series is Harvest Moon: First Earth, or Bokujou Monogatari: Hajimari no Daichi in...

  • News There's Nothing Suggestive About This Video At All

    It's quite normal

    Have you heard of Senran Kagura? It's a new 3DS game from Japanese developer Marvelous, best-known for its Harvest Moon games of course. It's going for a slightly different market than the super-family friendly farming series with its newest title, though. The hack-and-slash game was announced back in April, but now we have a new...

  • News Get Up Close and Personal with Your Lover in Rune Factory 4

    See it all in 3D

    Marvelous's popular marriage of farming and action RPG battling Rune Factory is coming to 3DS in the well-rounded form of Rune Factory 4. Whereas previous instalments have jumped you from the "we're in love" stage straight to "marriage, now", Rune Factory 4 wants to slow things down. It's been hurt, you know? Before getting hitched, your character and partner..

  • News Night of the Sacrifice Will Get Hearts Pumping and Feet Walking

    A horror game with a twist

    Earlier this month it was announced that Marvelous would be bringing a horror game to the Wii that utilises the Wii Balance Board. With the peripheral predominantly used for health and fitness games, the idea of using the board for something as unrelated as the horror genre was both interesting and puzzling. Well, Famitsu has now shed some light on how the board will be..

  • News Wii Balance Board Gets its First Horror Title Next Year

    From Marvelous Entertainment, surprisingly

    Fitness, physiotherapy, monkeys: that's largely the array of gaming styles you can play with the Wii Balance Board, but Marvelous Entertainment is about to introduce the horror genre to the board's repertoire with next year's Ikenie no Yoru, or Night of the Sacrifice. Players will be using the Wii Remote...

  • News Time to Nurture a Few Animal Resort Game Details

    If by chance we raise a camel with no humps, we're calling it Humphrey

    Whilst it's easy to get carried away with games we'd like to see on the upcoming 3DS system, let's not forget about the games that are actually confirmed from developers. The 3D handheld has far from failed to get us hyped about action-orientated games, but what of the more relaxed, simulation titles? Marvelous has so far..

  • News Rune Factory 3 Sprouting Across North America in November

    November 9th, to be precise

    Whilst budding European horticulturists wait to get their green fingers on Rune Factory 2, due out tomorrow, North American farmers can look forward to the third instalment, the cleverly entitled Rune Factory 3, arriving on November 9th. As well as the usual mixture of farming and fighting, Rune Factory 3 is the first multiplayer title in the series, allowing you and two..

  • News Marvelous "Working to Meet Needs" of Little King's Story Fans

    But what does that mean?

    Little King's Story may have been our joint Game of the Year 2009 but that didn't translate into massive sales at the tills, and things got worse for fans when co-developer Cing went into administration in early 2010. It looked as though Corobo's story stopped there, but an interview with Tomio Kanazawa, Marvelous...

  • News Marvelous Willing to Bring Muramasa: The Demon Blade to the 3DS

    Company also confirms 3DS Harvest Moon title and zoo life game Animal Resort

    There are certain games that we'd love to see on the 3DS purely because playing them on a handheld system is enticing enough. Then there are games that will surely benefit from the extra punch that the 3D effect will provide – and Muramasa: The Demon Blade could be of them. When Siliconera spoke to Tomio Kanazawa, group..

  • News New Arc Rise Fantasia Screenshots

    New batch of screenshots show the upcoming Wii RPG in action.

    We just got some Arc Rise Fantasia screenshots of the upcoming Wii RPG from Marvelous Entertainment. The game is a traditional turn-based RPG that features a three member party that all fight in conjunction with each other and share the same AP gauge during battle. This team battle concept is one of the many unique features being touted..

  • News Marvelous Bringing Discipline To WiiWare

    Simply Marvelous

    Marvelous Entertainment has recently announced that they will soon be bringing a game simply entitled Discipline to the WiiWare service. Not much is currently known about the title other than a few facts released by the company during their press conference announcing the game. The game takes place inside of a high security prison...

  • News Marvelous Entertainment Working on WiiWare Title

    Legendary Japanese game developer Marvelous Entertainment have recently announced a co-publishing deal with XSEED Games to distribute their titles in both the US and Europe. Marvelous are best known for their association with the long-running Harvest Moon series of games.

    In a recent interview with Siliconera , Marvelous confirmed that they are in fact currently working on a downloadable title for..