Tag: Gamescom 2015

  • Hands On Here's What The 3DS Version Of Terraria Looks Like

    On show at this year's Gamescom

    Although the Wii U version was not forthcoming, the 3DS iteration of the popular 2D mining game Terraria - recently confirmed as coming to Nintendo platforms - was fully playable at this year's Gamecom. We've put quite a lot of time into the PC version and it took a little while to get used to the controls on the 3DS...

  • Video Here's What Nintendo Did At Gamescom 2015 

    Whole lotta Marios

    Gamescom has closed its doors for another year, and with over 345,000 attendees having sampled all the lovely new titles on display. Nintendo was there in full force, showing off some of its new games as well as celebrating its past. To mark another bumper year at Gamescom, Nintendo has posted up some video content taken from the...