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  • News GAME Furloughs Staff On Full Pay Until End Of April, But Can't Say If They'll Have Jobs To Come Back To

    "We are working in unprecedented times"

    UK video game retailer GAME has furloughed its staff on full pay until the end of April due to the coronavirus outbreak but cannot say for sure if they will have jobs beyond that point. GAME was forced to close every one of its 247 stores on March 24th when the UK government issued a call to shut all retail...

  • News UK Retailer GAME To Close 40 Stores In "Rationalisation Programme"

    Chain faces a "a challenging retail market"

    UK games retailer GAME – the only dedicated store of its kind on British high streets these days and certainly the only store prepared to accept socks as payment – has said that it "intends to close" 40 stores in what it is branding a "rationalisation programme". The chain – which has weathered...

  • News GAME Praises Nintendo and Talks of 'A Constant Supply of Stock' for Switch

    Retailer CEO talks up Switch prospects for the festive season

    Nintendo, with the exception of the relatively niche Xenoblade Chronicles 2, has pushed out its big-selling retail games ahead of the festive shopping season. It's also been ramping up its production in order to ensure that retailers have enough Switch systems to meet demand - now the CEO...

  • News Sports Direct Buys 25.75 Percent Stake In Embattled UK Retail Chain GAME

    "GAME is pleased that the strategic value of the group has been recognised"

    Controversial UK retail chain Sports Direct has purchased a 25.75 percent stake in GAME, the UK's biggest high street video game specialist. Despite its dominant position in the UK video game market, GAME has endured a difficult year. It recently posted a profit warning,...

  • News Beleaguered UK Retailer GAME Blames Lack Of Switch Stock For Profit Warning

    "The level of supply to the UK market has been lower than expected"

    UK specialist video game retailer GAME has issued a fresh profit warning, as well as issuing a statement which lays some of the blame at Nintendo's feet. The struggling chain - which is the UK's largest (and some would argue, last) major video game retailer - cites a lack of Switch...

  • News UK Retailer GAME Is Cancelling Nintendo Switch Preorders Days Before Launch

    GAME over man

    Ahead of the Nintendo Switch launch this Friday it seems some fans who preordered with UK retailer GAME are now finding that their orders are getting cancelled. GAME's official statement is as follows: In the event that there is an issue with payment not going through from a customer's card issuer, an automated 'cancelled order'...

  • News GAME In-Store Advertising Indicates March 2017 Release For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

    We hope you're keeping up

    The Zelda: Breath of the Wild rollercoaster continues. While there have been rumours that the title won't make the Switch launch, yesterday we reported that US retailer GameStop has it listed as a Q1 2017 release (before April, basically). We now have more evidence to suggest that

  • Random GAME 'Opens' Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders, Though Using Paypal is a Bad Idea

    A temporary price of just £999.99

    Nintendo has been pretty clear in its Nintendo Switch strategy. On 12th January it'll host a full unveiling of the system, and is planning to give gamers around the world opportunities to go hands on with the system before it arrives in March. Pricing and release date are key details that should emerge at that...

  • News Bravely Second: End Layer Deluxe Collector's Edition Pre-Orders Open in the UK

    Soundtrack CD! Deluxe artbook! Figurine!

    There are some handsome special editions on the way with a few key upcoming releases, and the Bravely Second: End Layer Deluxe Collector's Edition is among the best. Confirmed for the European release on 26th February, it includes the following. Bravely Second: End Layer game A Deluxe Artbook (250+...

  • News Check Out Plenty of Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage, Limited Edition Pre-Orders Open in the UK

    GAME has dibs once again

    Hyrule Warriors Legends is one of a glut of new arrivals in the first few months of 2016, giving 3DS owners a chance to jump into the popular Wii U title. Legends includes all of the DLC from the home console version, in addition to new characters and Linkle story content. It's out in the West on 25th March, though its...

  • News GAME and Official Nintendo Store Delay Shovel Knight amiibo Pre-Orders in the UK

    Delays everywhere, no longer just GAME

    Update: The official Nintendo UK Store is now joining in with delaying Shovel Knight amiibo pre-orders, despite the subsidiary tweeting on 7th December that the figure was coming this Friday (11th December). We've amended the headline of this article accordingly. Below is an excerpt from the email being sent...

  • Weirdness GAME Gift Card Slip Up is Awkward, Though Not a Sign of Troubled Times

    A portent of doom isn't required

    Update: Eurogamer has shared an update on this stock situation, with GAME's press office seemingly denying it was an issue while staff sources have stated that stock is gradually becoming available again (from today) in stores around the country. Original Article: It's easy to hit the wrong button with damaging...

  • News GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards and Apologises for Super Mario Maker Pre-Order Issues

    "We made a mistake"

    When Super Mario Maker arrived on 11th September, some UK gamers that pre-ordered the title with GAME experienced serious issues. The major problem was that some were charged up to seven times for the order and saw hundreds of pounds deducted from their bank accounts; this took quite a few days to resolve fully. It was...

  • News GAME Apologises for Super Mario Maker Pre-Order Issue, Should Repay Extra Charges in the "Next Couple of Days"

    No default offer of a discount or compensation

    UK retailer GAME has had a few issues in the past that have been damaging to its reputation, and it's certainly rattled the faith of Nintendo fans this past week. At the start of the week it charged some customers up to five times for their Super Mario Maker pre-order; this was then exacerbated the...

  • News GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mario Maker Pre-Orders

    Some complaining of overdrafts and seven charges

    Update 3: Unfortunately, this looks likely to drag on for another day, with the following message sent to your humble author on Twitter. An email has also been sent to the customer services address below, though a response from that will likely take some time. Update 2: GAME has provided us with...

  • News GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Customers for Too Many Super Mario Maker Pre-Orders

    £234.95 if you're really unlucky

    GAME is the biggest high street game specialist remaining in the UK, though it has a nasty habit of falling foul of loyal customers with some pre-orders. It's not always the retailer's fault, such as when Splatoon special edition pre-orders were stolen, but it's made a pretty poor error with Super Mario Maker...

  • Weirdness Lorry Thieves Make Off With Splatoon Special Editions in Europe

    These guys were pros

    Update: Nintendo UK has now provided the following statement: We can confirm that the lorry transporting the Splatoon stock from Nintendo's European warehouse to GAME UK has been stolen. Included as part of this delivery was GAME's allocation of the Splatoon + Squid Inkling amiibo and as a result we are unable to honour...

  • News UK Retailer GAME Steps Up Retro Offerings in Marketplace Listings

    Plenty of Nintendo choices

    Earlier this year the biggest specialist game retailer in the UK, GAME, launched its online marketplace that allows independent sellers to distribute their own ranges of t-shirts, merchandise and even retro games. At launch in March the selection of retro titles was almost non-existent, yet now it's been expanded to...

  • News GAME Launches UK Pre-Orders for Splatoon amiibo and New Wave for Super Smash Bros.

    Let the rush begin...

    The amiibo train can't stop, and shoppers in the UK have some more thinking to do with GAME opening pre-orders on a range of options - all of which are still available at the time of writing. First-up, pre-orders are open for the first six figures above - Jigglypuff, Dark Pit, Palutena, Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus and...

  • News UK Retailer GAME Opens Marketplace to Sell Gaming Culture Goodies Such as T-Shirts and Merchandise

    Retro consoles and games 'coming soon'

    Like much in the gaming industry at present, the retail sector is facing continual challenges and a state of flux. For retailers there's the challenge of boosting online sales while keeping bricks-and-mortar stores in business, while the shadow of Amazon looms over gaming-specific brands. UK retailer GAME is...

  • News Mario Kart 8 Is £29.99 Again At GAME, Today Only in the UK

    Don't stall

    Not so long ago we pointed you to an enticing one day deal for UK gamers to grab Mario Kart 8 for just £29.99. That was through the GAME online store, and it seems the deal is back for another flash-sale today (16th July), again for one day only. Once again it's the disc version of Mario Kart 8 — which you can grab

  • News Charizard Distribution Event for Pokémon X & Y Coming to GAME UK, Includes Mega Stone

    Things are heating up

    Pokémon X & Y may have been released last October, but it's still a hub for millions of players engaging in online battles and trading pocket monsters. There's also the Trading Card Game, and The Pokémon Company is taking the opportunity to plug its most recent expansion — Pokémon TCG: XY—Flashfire — by offering a...

  • News GAME's One Day Mario Kart 8 Deal, for £29.99, is a Must Buy for UK Racers

    Don't delay

    Are you a Wii U owner in the UK that still hasn't picked up Mario Kart 8? Perhaps you've seen cheap Wii U system deals and aren't sure whether to take the plunge? This one day deal on the fantastic racer may push you over the edge in either direction. GAME has reduced the disc version of Mario Kart 8 to £29.99 — which you can grab on...

  • News Boost in GAME Retail Sales Suggest a Potential Stock Market Return

    Specialist retailer back in the, erm, game

    GAME, the UK retailer with some limited presence in Europe, has reported that sales in its stores for last year increased by 90%, with its online sales jumping 213%. There was also, predictably, a major boost in the closing weeks of last year with the arrival of PS4 and Xbox One, while major contributors on...

  • News GAME Expands Its Range of 3DS eShop Codes to Include Virtual Console and Download-Only Games

    A useful alternative

    Earlier in the year we reported that the GAME retail group had exclusive European rights on eShop download codes, making it the go-to retailer for those that wanted to get their download games by paying with cash or keen to accumulate further loyalty points for the stores. The initial range covered Wii U and 3DS eShop retail...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. 2 Takes Over GAME Store In London


    If you happened to be around GAME Oxford Street in London today, you may have noticed the increased presence of a certain friendly — and recently gold-hungry — plumber. Don't worry if you missed out, though, as the madness is due to continue tomorrow. Nintendo UK has announced that an exclusive New Super Mario Bros. 2 gaming event will be...

  • News Nintendo Games Back in Force at Game Stores

    Back in One Piece

    Nintendo-published games have returned to the shelves of UK retailers Game and Gamestation. Tekken 3D Prime Edition was the first game to skip the retailer in February, but is now available to buy in store or online. It's joined by fellow 3DS outing One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP and DS sequel Inazuma Eleven 2, plus Pandora

  • News Heroes of Ruin is GAME-Exclusive in UK


    It looks like the days of "GAME isn't stocking title X" are long behind us, as the retailer's announced Heroes of Ruin will be exclusively available through GAME and Gamestation in the UK. You can pre-order the game for £34.99 through

  • News Nintendo Back in the GAME with Pandora's Tower

    Back to business

    Pandora's Tower is the first Nintendo-published game to come back to the newly reformed GAME. The Wii action RPG is available online for £49.99, with GAME claiming it's "very limited and the last print run." GAME hasn't stocked a Nintendo-published or distributed title since Resident Evil Revelations way back in January,...

  • News GAME Getting Back On Its Feet After Takeover

    Reward cards and trade-in deals return

    In recent weeks we've reported on the troubles at UK retailer GAME Group, with a number of high profile titles on Nintendo systems not being stocked and the company eventually going into administration, with over 2000 jobs lost. While our thoughts and best wishes are with those staff, there was positive news...

  • News Baker and OpCapita Deal Saves GAME

    Better late than never

    GAME has left administration after less than a week. Investment firm OpCapita negotiated a sale of the company's UK assets to Baker Acquisitions Limited, bringing GAME Group out of administration and providing it with the necessary capital to continue trading over the near future. Baker has confirmed there are no more plans...

  • News GAME Enters Administration, Closes 277 Stores

    Over 2,000 jobs lost

    GAME Group plc. has entered administration. The retailer filed for administration last week but, having been unable to find a buyer over the weekend, was officially placed into administration yesterday morning. Administrators PwC made an immediate impact on reducing the company's store portfolio, closing 277 stores with the loss...

  • News GAME Group Files for Administration

    But still open for business

    GAME Group plc. has submitted an application to enter administration. The troubled chain has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, with a string of high-profile releases missing from its shelves due to an inability to secure credit agreements with suppliers and publishers. Neither GAME nor...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Won't be Available from GAME/Gamestation

    Nintendo confirms other retail options

    In the past few weeks we've reported that a number of titles on Nintendo consoles weren't going to be stocked by the embattled GAME retail group in the UK: titles such as The Last Story, Mario Party 9 and Tekken 3D Prime Edition have all missed out. The much-hyped Kid Icarus: Uprising can now be added to the...

  • News GAME Not Selling Mario Party 9

    Not available online either

    It's emerged today that UK retailer GAME will not be stocking Mario Party 9 when it's released this coming Friday. In a Nintendo statement GAME and Gamestation, which are both part of GAME Group plc., were omitted from a list of retailers where the title will be available. At the current time the retail group doesn't have...

  • News Now GAME Pulls The Last Story Completely

    No stock at all

    Yesterday we reported that GAME won't stock The Last Story limited edition but now it's dropped the game completely. A Nintendo Life reader received this email about his pre-order: Unfortunately we are no longer stocking The Last Story on Wii. If you return to the store they will be happy to refund your £5.00 deposit. I apologise...

  • News GAME Drops The Last Story Limited Edition

    Pre-orders are out of luck

    For UK gamers planning to pick up the special edition of The Last Story from retailer GAME, there's been some disappointing news as their orders have been cancelled. As reported by Eurogamer, emails were sent to affected customers earlier this week, giving only a few days notice before the title launches on 24th February...

  • News GAME Not Stocking Tekken 3D Prime Edition

    Punched out

    Today's big 3DS release, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, hasn't made it to the shelves of the UK's biggest specialist games retailer. GAME confirmed to Eurogamer.net that it won't be selling the game in-store or online, citing a delay in Nintendo's distribution as the reason. The chain has apologised to affected customers. While you can't find...

  • Rumour GAME User Accounts Compromised

    Update: Not really

    Update: GAME has responded with the following statement: At GAME we guard our customers' details very carefully. We have thoroughly investigated the hacking claims made today by the website Pastebin, and can confirm that they are entirely false. The published email addresses are not registered users of GAME.co.uk, and there has been no breach of our database security. We would..

  • News 20 GAME Stores Gear Up for Mario Kart 7 Launch Contest

    Have you got what it takes?

    With Mario Kart 7 ready to speed off from the 3DS starting grid this week, Nintendo and GAME have teamed up to bring a contest to you this week. This Saturday, 20 GAME stores across the UK will offer an official fastest lap competition. The fastest player in each store at the day's end will win £25 to spend in GAME —...

  • News GAME and Rising Star Team Up for Artwork Giveaway

    Become a cropper

    The limited edition Harvest Moon artwork giveaway announced last week was, let's face it, rather confusing. Now we have the full picture on how you'll be able to get three sets of PAL-exclusive, limited edition Harvest Moon-themed artwork. The first set of art cards will be included with every copy of Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar. The second set will be available to customers who..

  • News Meet Charles Martinet at the Super Mario Galaxy 2 UK Launch Event

    Dress up as Mario and you'll get a goody bag too!

    As Nintendo gets ready for the UK launch of the highly-anticipated Super Mario Galaxy 2, gamers better sharpen their costume-making skills as the company announces a special launch event to be hosted at GAME, Oxford Street in London. As well as being the first people in Europe to play and get their hands on a copy of the critically acclaimed..

  • News Zelda Tin Switches Tracks to GAME

    Limited preorder bonus still available

    You may remember a few weeks ago we reported that Gamestation was stocking a limited edition figurine and tin set for Zelda: Spirit Tracks, but that they quickly sold out. Well, it seems they sold out because all the rest of the stock went to their parent company GAME. Yes, the pink-hued retailer are offering the figurines of Link and the Phantom as well as..

  • Rumour GAME Group Not Stocking Muramasa?

    UK's biggest games retailer may ignore feudal Japanese epic

    Following our story last month where Rising Star Games' MD Martin Defries said some UK retailers weren't interested in Muramasa: The Demon Blade, we decided to do a little ringing around of GAME and Gamestation stores to check on the preorder availability of this fantastic game and were...

  • News Mega Man 9: WiiWare Exclusive

    Capcom have stated that the newest installment of Mega Man 9 is to be exclusive to the Wii via WiiWare, well at least for the moment.

    Mega Man 9 (no subtitle yet) is a back to roots platformer, going back to the good old days of the NES in a simplistic 2D style. Go get the first two games of the series on your VC now if you haven't already. The release date of the game is not yet known but we..

  • News Top Spin 3 Has Spun On To Wii

    Top Spin 3 the game previously rated fairly high on the X360 & PS3 has arrived on the Wii just in time for Wimbledon.

    The reaction to the game so far has varied: it has recieved a high 81 out of 100 in the Official Nintendo Magazine but just 60% from the less biased NGamer UK magazine. However some gamers have critisced the graphics and a general sense of it being watered down from the X360..

  • News Quick! Super Mario The Lost Levels Almost Lost

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, originally released on the Famicon and then again on the Virtual Console last month, will be deleted off the VC list in just over an hour.

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the original sequel to Super Mario Bros. and was only released in Japan. The game was very difficult and for this reason it wasn't released elsewhere. instead a similar but much easier and..

  • News Super Paper Mario Recall

    A game freezing bug is present in the EU version of Super Paper Mario (Wii)

    Just days after it's release, Nintendo have recalled Super Paper Mario on the Wii. A bug is present in the EU version whilst playing English, German or Spanish that can freeze the entire game. The problem in question is not major; if you do not encounter it that is. You may have already gone past the point in the game where..

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  • News Smash Bros. Brawl Online Confirmed

    Prepare for a worldwide brawl on the Wii.

    We had suspected for months but today it is 100% concrete; we will be able to play each other on the sequel to the Gamecube's most praised fighting game. The Smash Bros. Dojo did not only confirm the presence of an online mode in Super Bros. Smash Brawl, but additionally went in to further detail explaining how the process will work. The two modes shared so..

  • News Dance, Dance Revolution For Wii

    A new title from Konami announced, so start dancing for joy now, literally.

    Earlier today we showed you of a way of spinning tunes using your wiimote, but now we bring you news of how you can have a dance too. Konami are planning to release Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party on the Wii late this year. The game will make use of the wiimote and nunchuk, but don't worry no strapping to your feet..

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