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    Grave concerns

    Penny might not consider herself a goth, but the fact she dresses up as a demon and works at a funeral parlour has the rest of Flatwood Peaks thinking otherwise. When her over-the-top antics get her fired, she reacts just like any other person would - and drives to a local cemetery to hang out in a crypt with her boyfriend. You know,...

  • News You Can Design a Character for Flipping Death on Nintendo Switch

    Curse that Doctor Laser!

    Flipping Death, from Zoink Games (Stick it to the Man), looks like another fun title on the way to the Switch eShop. Adopting a similar style to the aforementioned Wii U title, it'll have you solving puzzles and adventuring while flipping between two sides of reality. Zoink Games is now relaunching its 'ZEO' (Zoink...

  • Video Zoink Games Outlines More Details on Flipping Death for Nintendo Switch

    Is still exploring further releases on the system, too

    During the Nintendo Switch Nindie Showcase there was the first reveal of Flipping Death, the next title from Zoink Games. The studio is well known among Wii U eShop aficionados for Stick it to the Man, and this new title certainly shares some aesthetic similarities. We chatted to Zoink CEO and...