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  • News Fangamer Is Finally Getting An EU Store

    Customs charges, begone!

    Let's be honest, regardless of our age many frequenting these pages have various gaming collectibles and toys that more boring people would frown upon. You know, all those plushes and expensive limited editions of games, when some would rather buy a nice new lamp for the sitting room. For those of us eager to add to our...

  • News Fangamer Has Just Launched A Range Of Goemon Merchandise

    Mystical merch

    Konami's Goemon series – also known as Mystical Ninja in the west – is one of those franchises that we hope and pray will get a proper revival one day soon. Until that time, we'll have to make do with Fangamer's amazing range of officially-licenced gear, which includes shirts, pin badges, posters and even a vinyl LP. You can check...

  • Feature How Fangamer Changed The World Of Video Game Merchandise Forever

    "We created the merchandise that Nintendo never made for us"

    Before the turn of the century brought with it online communities, before the standard for monetary transactions became digital, and not to mention, before good old-fashioned globalism, being able to officially declare your super fandom for almost anything you can think of meant frequent...