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  • News Nintendo Files DMCA Against Fan-Made 'Rhythm Heaven' Remix Software

    Wubbadubbadub izzat true?

    Nintendo has filed a DMCA takedown against fan-made software 'Heaven Studio', a tool which enabled people to upload their own music and pair it with one of the rhythm-based minigames from the Rhythm Heaven series. As reported by TorrentFreak (thanks, VGC), the Heaven Studio GitHub repository has been removed following...

  • Random Welp, Now Nintendo's Going After Sheet Music


    It should come as no surprise that Nintendo is pretty protective regarding its IP. Going after emulators, ROM hacks, and reproductions is one thing, but it looks like the firm is starting to aim its sights on something rather surprising: sheet music. According to two separate community posts on YouTube, it seems like Nintendo is looking to...