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  • Review de Blob (Switch)

    Painting the town red… and blue… and yellow

    Originally launching way back when on the Wii, this super-colourful puzzle-platformer is now on the brink of turning a decade old. At the time, de Blob stood out from the crowd thanks to its ever-present charm – despite some frustrating control niggles – and we definitely enjoyed our time with the...

  • News Polychromatic Extravaganza de Blob Will Be Making A Comeback Soon

    Here's hoping for a sequel on the Wii U

    Do you remember THQ's de Blob which splattered the Wii with all the colours of the rainbow way back in 2008? It was certainly an original title and one which we were quite fond of. As you will probably know THQ went bust back in 2012, but the promise of a de Blob sequel lives on as Nordic Games has announced...