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  • Feature It's Time To Lay Down Your ARMS

    We hang up our gloves in Nintendo's OTHER larger-than-life brawler

    After two years and 30 Party Crashes, Gonçalo “Shiryu” Lopes finally gives his ARMS a rest, long after everyone else did, and looks back on his time with the game... Until June 2017 the humble Switch was known by fans (and non-fans alike) as “the Breath of the Wild...

  • News The Queen Of Ramen Min Min Takes Out The Final Party Crash Bash Event In ARMS

    A fan favourite

    Not long after Nintendo launched the Switch in 2017, the company released a new fighting game called ARMS. This new IP utilised the gyro feature in the Switch Joy-Con controllers and introduced us to a bunch of energetic characters such as Spring Man and Ribbon Girl. Now, a few years on, it appears the live competitive online events...











  • News ARMS Version 4.1 Is Now Available

    More than meets the eye

    A couple of weeks ago, ARMS got a massive update to version 4.0 which, among other things, added in the new fighter, Misango. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the development team has since been hard at work on a smaller update that would bring a wealth of smaller, yet still important changes and tweaks that would improve...

  • News Put Up Your Dukes, ARMS Update 4.1 Is Coming Tomorrow

    With a "surprise addition"

    ARMS version 4.1 is due to go live tomorrow (Thursday 30th), it has been revealed. The update appears to contain some gameplay tweaks but the game's Japanese Twitter account is hinting that a "surprise addition" to the "familiar balance adjustment" will "add element" (at least that's what Bing's translation service tells...

  • News We're A Little Bit In Love With These ARMS Mobile Phone Keychains

    Only in Japan, of course

    In the next thrilling instalment of "Japan gets all the cool stuff", we have these amazing mobile phone keychains (not sure if it's even accurate to call them that, but we were stumped on any other description) based on weapons from ARMS, which is officially 2017's most underrated video game (OK, semi-officially). Produced...

  • News Spring Man Triumphs in First ARMS Party Clash


    It was an interesting week in ARMS, with Nintendo running the first 'Party Clash' event in the game. It was nicely implemented when it went live, transforming the 'Party Match' area and throwing some fun ideas into matches with quickfire specials and boosts. In a Splatfest-style approach it also pitted two sides against each other,...

  • News ARMS Gets a Switch News Post Gift to Promote First 'Party Crash'

    Team Spring Man or Team Ribbon Girl?

    Last week brought us ARMS version 4.0, which added a new fighter, stage, ARMS options and assorted other bits and bobs. Another key addition was the functionality for 'Party Crash', timed Party mode events that have a Splatfest feel to them. The first one starts today (22nd November) at 7am Pacific / 10am...

  • News Nintendo Reveals Misango as the New ARMS Fighter

    Putting that new attack type to use

    It doesn’t seem like it was all too long ago that update 3.0 came to ARMS, adding in Lola Pop, yet here we are now with just another day to go until 4.0 comes out. We knew that this version was going to be adding in a new attack type, a new fighter, a new stage, and other goodies and now Nintendo has opted to...

  • News ARMS Version 4.0 Arrives on 16th November

    New character, arena and elemental charge expected

    The various ARMS social media accounts have been teasing additions over the past week, including a new stage and fighter and most recently a new elemental charge attribute that may be some kind of poison. We don't need to wait much longer for the full reveal, in any case. It's been confirmed that...

  • News Nintendo Gives a Teasing Glimpse of a New ARMS Fighter

    "It's like a ghost"

    Nintendo continues to support and back ARMS on the Switch, just recently confirming that a new stage is on the way. That post had a pretty obvious tease that a new character will accompany the stage, and now that's been stepped up further. As you can see in the tweet below there's the usual fuzzy-cam trick used when...

  • News A New Stage Is Coming To ARMS, And It Has Splendid Pillars

    And a new character perhaps?

    ARMS is the game that keeps on giving; since its launch back in June we have seen quite a few updates introducing new stages and brawlers. Here is the latest teaser from the Japanese Twitter account: Here's the translation from the default Bing offering: Splendid pillars feel the weight of this history! Petapeta...

  • News New ARMS Stage Gets Teased On Twitter

    Sleepy ruins ahoy!

    The Japanese ARMS Twitter account has teased a new arena which is coming to the game soon. Biff says (at least from what we can make out from the rather ropey Google translation) that the arena is based in some ruins which lie "deep in the forest". This battleground was apparently home to ARMS contests when the association was...


  • Guide How To Unlock Every Badge In ARMS

    New reasons to play

    ARMS was recently updated to include unlockable achievement badges which track your performance in-game. You can wear these to show off your favourite achievement to other players. You may be wondering exactly what these badges are, and that's where we come in. Below you'll find what's required to gain both the Fixed Design and...

  • News ARMS Version 3.2 Is Now Live

    Badges! Replays! Evil Spring Man!

    ARMS has been consistently supported by Nintendo in its post release period, receiving balancing tweaks, new fighters and ARMS, and new stages. The last update brought us a new stage and a whole wealth of balancing tweaks, but this new one promised to bring much more. It’s now live and available for download, and...

  • News ARMS Version 3.2 Trailer Shows Off 'Badge Stash' Achievements and Mysterious New Character

    Appears to be based on Spring Man

    As part of the Nintendo World Championships 2017 we were promised a new trailer and details for the upcoming ARMS update to version 3.2; it was delivered. The trailer below briefly focuses on familiar content, but then moves on to show off 'Badge Stash', which is an achievements-based system to work through and...


  • News ARMS Version 3.1.0 Is Now Available

    A new stage! Sort of…

    The latest notable news in ARMS was the recent addition of Lola Pop—a brand new, clown-themed fighter—alongside an associated stage, new ARMS, and various balancing tweaks. Nintendo sure isn’t slowing down with the updates though, as it’s already prepped and released a new patch that makes a series of notable tweaks...

  • News Here’s the Full List of Changes Made by ARMS Version 3.0.0

    You'll float, too

    ARMS is still ticking along just fine, seeing a regular amount of content additions and balancing tweaks every few weeks. The big news with the current update is that the new fighter, Lola Pop, is finally being added to the game, but there’s a number of other additions and tweaks that have been made, too. Alongside Lola, we’ve...

  • News The Latest ARMS Fighter, Lola Pop, Is Available Today

    Version 3.0 also brings button mapping

    During today's Nintendo Direct it was revealed that the latest version of ARMS - 3.0 - will be made available. The update includes the ability to re-map buttons, but the biggest news is that a new character is introduced, named Lola Pop. Lola has her own unique stage and comes with three all-new arms to...

  • News Soon You'll Be Able To Customise Your Controls In ARMS

    Better buttons

    Nintendo has revealed that the next ARMS update will allow you to customise the control layout to suit your own personal taste. The 3D fighter uses a wide range of buttons and at launch a few people complained at the lack of flexibility when it came to button mapping. It would appear that Nintendo has taken these comments on board,...


  • Random CoroCoro Has Started an ARMS Manga

    Because of course it has

    ARMS is one of the newest IP’s in Nintendo’s deep stable of franchises and although it may not have been quite the homerun that the company was hoping for, it’s still a great game that has plenty of free additional content to look forward to. It seems likely that at some point, Nintendo will want to build this game...

  • News Here's The New Fighter Coming To Switch Brawler ARMS

    She's going to be pop-ular

    Nintendo has revealed the next fighter coming to its Switch combat title, ARMS. Lola Pop is a clown-like character with baggy, MC Hammer pants and a red nose. Her stage appears to have a "sweet" theme, and is shown off the official video below. Lola Pop also comes with three brand-new Arms to equip. She'll be...

  • Random The Cast Of We Bare Bears Help Out In New ARMS Commercial

    Surprising crossover

    If you follow TV animation then you'll no doubt have seen The Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears, an amusing look at the everyday lives of, well, some bears. Seemingly out of nowhere, the animated cast of this show have been recruited to star in a new commercial for ARMS on Switch, which you can watch above. Does this mean we'll...

  • News Here’s a Look at One of the New ARMS Coming in the Next Update

    Better go walk that one off, Helix

    Part of the charm of ARMS is the sheer depth of customization when it comes to the titular weapons with which the fighters do battle. There’s thousands upon thousands of possible combinations and setups, yet Nintendo isn’t content to just call it day quite yet. The company already teased the upcoming new...

  • News Here's How ARMS Might Look On The Game Boy Advance


    We weren't sure what to make of ARMS when it was first revealed, but Nintendo's bold new IP turned out to be a pleasant surprise and every bit as colourful as Splatoon. The game makes great use of Joy-Con motion controls to let the player use their stretchy weaponised arms to punch, thump and knock-out opponents. However what if...

  • News Here’s Your First Look at the Upcoming New ARMS Fighter

    Well, sort of

    Last week, Nintendo put out a decently sized patch for ARMS that introduced a series of balance tweaks, and it also confirmed that the next update would be much more significant, adding in a new fighter, stage, and more arms. Not much else has been revealed since then, but Nintendo of Japan just recently put out a bit of a teaser for...

  • News ARMS Version 2.1.0 Is Now Available

    No new character, but we'll get one next time

    Much alike to its support for Splatoon 2, Nintendo has pledged to support ARMSwith an ongoing series of balancing tweaks, new ARMS, new stages, and new characters over the course of roughly a year from the time that it launched. The last major update most notably saw the introduction of a new playable...

  • Rumour Dataminers Appear To Have Unearthed More ARMS Characters

    Potential spoilers contained within...

    ARMS is getting a new update this week, and although the official stance is that it will introduce balancing changes, dataminers have uncovered evidence that something more substantial could be coming to the game soon. Digging through the game's code, a list of character names has been found. Some of these are...

  • News ARMS Balance Update Is Coming Next Week

    Who's getting nerfed?

    The official ARMS Twitter account has revealed that the game will be getting a balance update next week. There are no details on exactly what's going to change, but the Twitter post appears to indicate that more news will be forthcoming before the update actually goes live. Are there any elements of ARMS that you think...