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  • Random Want To Be In A Ring Fit Commercial? You Can, If You're UK-Based

    Also you have to actually play Ring Fit

    Nintendo's been ramping up the adverts in preparation for the Christmas rush, but what about the post-Christmas "oh no, I ate too many mince pies" slim-down? Well, we have Ring Fit Adventure, of course, which is available again after that early pandemic rush. But the advert for "Buy Ring Fit To Work Off Those...

  • News Wii U Advert Banned In The UK

    ASA concluded it was "misleading"

    A few weeks before Wii U launched in the UK, Nintendo ran an advert showing off a few of the new system's features. One of the elements displayed was the ability to switch the action from the television to the GamePad – the advert showed how a gamer allowed his girlfriend to watch TV while he happily played New...