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  • Gallery Phoenix Wright is Looking Sharp in These Ace Attorney 6 Screens

    Ready for trial

    It's been a mostly enjoyable week for Ace Attorney fans, primarily due to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 being announced for 3DS and confirmed for the West. The downside came with accompanying news that The Great Ace Attorney doesn't seem to be planned for localisation out of Japan, and it'll be a great pity i

  • News Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed to be Headed to 3DS

    We're still hoping for The Great Ace Attorney to be localised

    The Japanese market sure loves a marketing slow burn with drip-fed information, and Capcom has now kicked that off with another entry in one of its most beloved franchises. It's been confirmed in Famitsu Weekly that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 is in development for the 3DS and will...