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  • News Hyper Light Drifter Publisher Abylight Slams Twitter's 'Dangerous And Careless Attitude' After Surprise Ban

    Update: And it's back!

    Update: And just like that, Abylight's Twitter account has been unlocked and is now back up and running. The studio has shared a message of thanks to fans: "Good news, anybody? The @abylight T

  • News Channel Your Inner Artist With Qbics Paint For Nintendo Switch

    It's like Mario Paint, but with Qbics instead!

    Veteran eShop publisher Abylight will soon be bringing a creative application affectionately named Qbics Paint to the Switch eShop. In Qbics Paint it is said you will become a sort of Michelangelo; you will have to sculpt blocks with your own fingers to “free” the Qbics hiding within. But its...

  • News Abylight Is Aware Of Demand For A 3DS Port Of Locomalito's Maldita Castilla

    "Many voices are being raised for a Nintendo 3DS version"

    Yesterday publisher Abylight confirmed that it is working with renowned indie coder Juan Antonio Becerra - better known as Locomalito - to bring his amazing collection of titles to consoles. These games - which include Maldita Castilla, Hydorah, L'Abbaye des Morts, Gaurodan and The Curse of...

  • News Abylight Wants to Recruit You For Elite Forces: Unit 77

    Heading to DSiWare, maggots!

    Abylight's Elite Forces: Unit 77 is bringing a touch of strategy to DSiWare this week in North America and Europe. A downloadable port of the 2009 DS retail release, Abylight has taken the opportunity to introduce new features: there's now local multiplayer for up to four players, a more accessible difficulty curve and...

  • News Focus on this New AfterZoom DSiWare Trailer

    Augmented reality comes to DS

    Abylight's next offering for DSiWare isn't another entry in its Music On series, but a neat augmented reality offering called AfterZoom. The studio just sent over a new trailer of the title which you'll find below. The concept is that players will use the DSi camera to hunt out microscopic organisms in everyday objects:...

  • News 3DS Console and WiiWare Games On Offer in Abylight Contest

    Will you be the lucky one?

    If you didn't win our 3DS giveaway you might want to take a look at Spanish developer Abylight's website on Monday. In a contest to promote the studio's WiiWare game Fish'em All, Abylight will be giving the game away to 150 people between Monday and 27th May. One of those players will be chosen at random to win a Nintendo...

  • News AfterZoom Mixes Pokemon, Augmented Reality, Chemistry

    Abylight returns to DSiWare

    Augmented reality is all the rage these days, but it's not just the preserve of the 3DS: DSiWare has a few AR games up its sleeves too, with Abylight's AfterZoom the latest to emerge. Players will use the DSi's camera to search out microscopic organisms, zooming into every day objects to see what tiny creatures can be found. The organisms can be captured, fed and raised,..

  • News Take on Abylight's DSiWare Cosmo Fighters on Monday

    500 Points for cartoon capers

    Abylight's not just about music and samurai tower defence games: its next handheld offering is Cosmo Fighters, a 2D "retro-futurist" fighting game. Fans of classic Dreamcast brawler Power Stone may recognise a little of the game's chaotic spirit in the four-player brawling action, with Download Play allowing...

  • News Dairojo! Samurai Defenders Attacks DSiWare on Monday

    800 Points for Oriental-themed tower defence

    Spanish publisher Abylight is taking a break from its Music On series of melodic outings to bring something altogether different to DSiWare: Dairojo! Samurai Defenders, a tower defence title developed by Japanese firm Kawamoto Industrial. Featuring a Far East slant on the familiar tower defence genre, the...

  • News DSi Shop Getting Stormed by Dairojo! Samurai Defenders

    New tower defence game on the way

    Following its recent medley of musical releases, Abylight is getting ready to publish its upcoming tower defence game that's developed for the DSiWare service by Japanese studio Kawamoto Industrial, and we have the official trailer that shows the kind of multi-tasking gamers will have to perform when it launches...

  • News You Can Soon Tickle the Ivories in Music On: Playing Piano

    Friday for Europe, Monday in North America

    Having already learnt the instrument in Music On: Learning Piano, now you can enjoy simply playing it in Music On: Playing Piano. Out in Europe tomorrow and reaching North America on Monday, your 200 Points earns you fifteen songs and knowledge of the necessary notes to play them yourself. The press release...

  • News Multiplayer Brawling Comes to DSiWare with Cosmo Fighters

    Download Play battling from Abylight

    Taking a break from its array of musical titles, Spanish developer Abylight is bringing some old-fashioned fighting action to DSiWare with its upcoming title Cosmo Fighters. The title's focus is on sharing the game with friends, with Download Play allowing up to four players to face off against each other using...

  • News Strum Along with Music On: Acoustic Guitar Next Week

    Abylight hoping it strikes a chord

    If you like using your DSi to make beautiful music, you've so far been mostly limited to keyboards and studio software, with few to no alternatives. Abylight's Music On series is about to throw a new six-stringed option into the mix with the launch of Music On: Acoustic Guitar next week. Selling at the same 200...

  • News Learn Piano with the Latest Music On Title this Monday

    200 Points to tinkle the ivories

    If you've been following Abylight's Music On series you'll have already dabbled with an Electronic Keyboard and a Retro Keyboard, and with an Acoustic Guitar, but the next release in the series looks like taking the studio's musical offerings to a higher level. Titled Music On: Learning Piano and released on Monday,...

  • News Abylight Tuning Up Music On: Acoustic Guitar

    Latest in DSiWare music series on the way

    We've already had the chance to tinkle the DSiWare ivories with Music On: Electronic Keyboard and Retro Keyboard, but developer Abylight isn't limiting itself to black-and-white keys and is branching out into stringed instruments with Music On: Acoustic Guitar on the way to the service in the near future...

  • News Music On: Retro Keyboard Takes You Back in Musical Time

    Get tuned into retro gaming sounds

    European DSi owners have already had the chance to tinker with the first entry in Abylight's 'Music On' series, the straightforwardly-named Music On: Electronic Keyboard, but the Spanish developer-publisher is ready to unleash a second bout of musical noodling with the imminent arrival of Music On: Retro Keyboard...

  • News Get Your European Tangram on with Neves Plus Next Friday

    Puzzle game finds its way across the pond at last

    It's been so long since Neves Plus was released in North America – nearly a year, in fact – that we'd almost given up hope of ever seeing it reach Europe. It seems our faith needn't have wavered though, as Abylight has announced it's bringing the game, along with new subtitle Pantheon of Tangrams...

  • News Music On: Electronic Keyboard Puts a Keyboard in Your DSiWare

    Abylight's newest tool hits Europe on Friday

    The music software scene just keeps on snowballing: we've already had the announcements of Rhythm Core Alpha and Mix Superstar, not to mention the already-available and rather good Rytmik, and now Abylight is joining the party with Music O

  • News Turn Your DSi Into a Virtual Instrument With the 'Music On' Series

    Music On: Electronic Keyboard is the first in a new series from Abylight

    The catalogue of DSiWare releases ranges from straight-forward games to various media creation applications; Abylight is the latest contributor to the latter. The company that brought us Fish 'em All! and Stop Stress: A Day of Fury has announced its upcoming range of Music On...

  • News Stop Stress This Monday

    Ease yourself into your week with Abylight's latest

    We've just received an email from Abylight to let us know that their upcoming stress-a-thon, Stop Stress: A Day of Fury, is confirmed for release on the US WiiWare service on Monday, for a grand total of 800 Nintendo Points. Telling the story of a man who seems to have the most uncontrollable rage,...

  • News Stop Stress: A Day of Fury Coming Soon to WiiWare

    Abylight's newest title is on the way.

    The folks at Abylight have just officially announced that their upcoming WiiWare release Stop Stress: A Day of Fury is nearing release. They were also kind enough to send us over a group of new screenshots and gameplay video as well. You can check out the new screenshots below along with the official gameplay...

  • News Fight Stress With Abylight's New WiiWare Title

    Stop Stress: A Day of Fury promises relaxation aplenty

    Abylight first caught our attention not so long ago with their decent WiiWare title Fish 'Em All, and now they're back on the scene with their next title, Stop Stress: A Day of Fury. Very little is known about the game at the moment, but Abylight have shared a video of its premiere at the Tokyo...

  • News Master the Fish'em All Challenges Video

    Here's a few good tricks for beating the game's many challenges!

    In preparation for the North American release of their Fish'em All WiiWare title today, Abylight have sent us a rather humorous instructional video to give players a little insight into how to master all of the Fish'em All challenges in the game. Yukari-san takes you through the many...

  • Interviews Fish'em All! - Abylight

    Abylight spills the beans on their Wiiware debut.

    Coinciding with the release of Fish’em All! for Wiiware in Europe this coming Friday, comes our chat with Nacho Garcia from the Spanish developers Abylight. So sit back, relax, and open the floodgates of knowledge which shall pour forth from the minds of Abylight! Nintendo Life: Can you tell us a...

  • News Fish'em All! Game Play Trailer Released

    Fish'em All!, an arcade game with a real "coin-op" flavor!

    We've just received a bit of new information on Abylight's upcoming WiiWare title Fish'em All! that you can check out below. We've also included the brand new game play trailer showing the game in action below as well. Hold on tight to your Wii Remote™ and fish 'em all! Alone, or with...

  • News New WiiWare Game: Fish'em All

    Get your nets out and prepare to catch yourself some fish for dinner!

    Another day, another WiiWare game to announce to the world! Spanish developers Abylight recently got in touch giving us an exclusive look at their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Fish'em All. As you will see from the screenshots in our gallery below, it certainly looks very nice. We...