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For all intents and purposes, Noitu Love: Devolution for Nintendo 3DS is the same as the Wii U version we previously reviewed. In this review we'll focus on the differences in the 3DS version and how it stacks up to the HD equivalent, so check out the Wii U review for a more detailed breakdown.

As a reminder, Noitu Love: Devolution is a loving homage to the likes of Gunstar Heroes, where hero Xoda Rap must save the day from the evil Darn army which has invaded the present, when they were thought to be extinct a hundred years prior in the original; Noitu Love - Devolution is actually a sequel.

With the 3DS version you lose the opportunity to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk control option which, in our view, is the more comfortable choice; that leaves a stylus on touchscreen setup for aiming your crosshair. However, if you're playing on the handheld the action seems even more frenetic but also more manageable, with less screen real estate to cover.

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The only downside is that it can sometimes be uncomfortable to find a graceful way to hold the 3DS in such a way that you can move your protagonist with the Circle Pad whilst still jabbing at the screen. We've found that it isn't an issue if you're laying down on the couch or in bed, or even using the stand that came with Kid Icarus: Uprising, but any prolonged use or trying to handle the 3DS otherwise can cause hand cramps. However, this may not be an issue for most - this game is built to be played in short spurts, with levels not lasting for any extended periods.

Not that it should come as any surprise, but there are no 3D visuals to speak of, as the game is played entirely on the touch screen. It's worth mentioning for those who might be swayed by their love for everything stereoscopic and 3D. The visuals do pop a bit more, however, as the game's resolution fits the screen of a 3DS version better, whereas the Wii U has side bars in lieu of being widescreen.


In the end, you can't go wrong no matter which system you use for Noitu Love: Devolution; it all boils down to personal taste. Unfortunately, there isn't a cross buy option available. We found that the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo worked the best, but most players can avoid getting cramped hands if they play it in short bursts on Nintendo's dedicated handhelds. Regardless, it's a game worth playing even if you don't have a Wii U to dabble on, as this action title is as crazy and fun as it is unique.