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Rocket: Robot on Wheels

"Unfairly overshadowed by its high-profile counterparts, Rocket: Robot on Wheels is one of the best 3D platformers available for the N64. Physics-based gameplay and a futuristic theme park setting provide the basis for seven different game worlds, each filled to the brim with challenging platforming segments and hugely inventive puzzles -- the latter of which outshine even Nintendo and Rare?s finest efforts in some instances."

10/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"One of the N64's stranger titles - Robot: Rocket on wheels strives with its innovative physics engine and ingenious puzzles. Some camera issues prevent it from being a truly great game but as platformers go it was one of the best of its era. The quirky music, original level design and addictive challenge combine to create a bizarre yet engrossing experience. Very odd but brilliant."

9/10 - YoshiTails 64

"I never finished this game but I rented it back in the day. I remember it being very cool and very fun to play. I loved the amusement park theme to it. I definitely plan on picking it up to play it again - this time to completion. One of the more innovative and well-made 3D platformers of its time. We need a sequel IMO."

9/10 - ErrantEmbers 64

"Rocket Robot on Wheels probably should have sold more. Packed with bizarre characters and lots of imagination there’s certainly plenty to do. Yet somehow, it all gets a bit tedious. Maybe because, by the time I’d played it, Mario, Banjo, and DK had already been there and done that, it didn’t feel special. Even its fun physics engine doesn’t really make it stand out."

7/10 - dAvecaster 64

"Rocket: Robot on Wheels is one of the most underrated games on the Nintendo 64. Its pure platforming goodness was strengthened by a rememberable protagonist, large open worlds, immense gameplay, and one heck of a challenge at times. Easily one of the best platformers of the Nintendo 64's later life - and, indeed, its life as a whole - and an easy recommendation for platforming lovers."

9/10 - Cipher 64

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Err, well. Given the praise NL already gave this game in their feature some days ago, its appearance on this list may not be so surprising. But a 10 out of 10? Wow. Okay, time to give this one a try.

So tomorrow there'll be Zelda OoT. Or not? Considering the last couple of days, everything seems to be possible.


Though I have heard of this game I neglected to play it. After seeing this review it definitely makes me wish I had!


I'd have to knock a point off for that 'Wahoo' he makes every time he jumps!


Nice game... some camera issues so not a perfect 10 but an easy 7-9 depending on your taste.


The scoring and reviews of these 64x64 games have been wiggity whack yo


I agree that this game is better than the Banjo games. And the level design is better than Mario 64. I still prefer the controls of Mario, but Rocket is fantastic. It certainly has some unbelievably great variety in its locales. It even has a creepy halloween-style level.


@sketchturner "better than the Banjo games" is a pretty bold claim to be honest. I wouldnt go that far, Its a good, fun game, an 8 at least, but in no where in the same league.


Absolutely excellent game. I'd love to play it again but its really expensive these days.


Never understood the underground elation for this little game. I gave it a go in the early 2000s and I tried to like it. I really, REALLY tried to like it. Lord knows I tried, but it just never seemed to "leave the runway".
It was okay. Fine, in fact. A solid 7. But a perfect 10? That's just crazy talk.

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