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Mischief Makers

"2D on 3D platforms is risky. Mischief Makers shows how to get it right: by being utterly unique. Immediately surreal, you?re Marina; a robot on a quest to save her creator..! You jump, shake and throw your way through levels and worlds, and this simple premise is variedly combined to offer many types of level. 2D but nothing like you played on the Snes."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"After the success of Gunstar Heroes for the MegaDrive/Genesis, Treasure decided to make this platformer for the Nintendo 64 which shares some of the charm of the aforementioned title. It's pleasant to look at, gameplay-wise it's not so bad, and it's refreshing to play 2D platformer on the Nintendo 64, but ultimately it's bogged down by a ranking system and meh music. Simply overrated."

7/10 - StarBoy91 64

"Mario may have ushered in a brave new world of three dimensions, but Treasure & Enix showed that the N64 could still sing when dealing with twoand how! A control system that takes time to master; S-ranking the game is a considerable challenge. Wildly inventive, it's a hugely under-rated game. They don't make 'em like this any more. Treasure's best game. Shake, shake!"

9/10 - 64

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Forgotten gem. Really enjoyed this game and played it til I finished it. Remember it being colorful with a few collectables and fairly challenging at times.


This one only needs a two-word review:


One of my favourite games ever! =D


One of my favorites from the N64 library. If only it would get a VC release.


I bought it once, but returned it to the shop because I couldn't master the "grabbing" move. So I was stuck at the very beginning. Now I do regret it a bit, because it still looks like a interesting game. And I played some other great Treasure stuff afterwards, so there you go.


Help me Marina! I can't think of a better 2D action platformer.
This one was the best back then, still is now. 10/10.


During a time when I thought 2D platformers were going to be gone for good, this game showed me there was still life left in 2D platforming. I knew nothing about this game before I played it, other than its genre, and I rented it first and was very confused by it at first. Eventually I got into it and really ended up loving it. A hidden gem of the N64. 9/10

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