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Excitebike 64

"Excitebike 64 serves as yet another prime example of Nintendo's sheer mastery when it comes to developing technical racing games. A fully 3D sequel to the NES classic, this title requires players to pay particular attention to the topography of tracks. Features some of the best quality visuals and audio on the N64, although Hi-Res mode comes at the expense of smooth frame rate."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"This game was one of my favourites on N64 and was Leftfield's greatest technical achievement. Visuals and audio were incredible but, just like wave race 64, it was the sheer technical brilliance in the control and constructed illusion of weight and gravity in a virtual environment that put this game above any other in its category. Bring this to virtual console Sorry, only OoT gets 10/10. "

9/10 - Shinobi1Kenoby 64

"This game is also one of my favorites on the N64. The music was the best, and the race tracks were always awesome to play on, but if anything, what kept me coming back to the game was the challenge. Just when I thought I had my control down, I'd always be left with that same sentence from the announcer. "Jim Rivers! ...eats dirt."

9/10 - Mikes 64

"This was easily my favorite game on N64. The sheer degree of difficulty that each new race provided made the game highly addictive and at times incredibly frustrating. The sounds, the graphics, and the gameplay were in a league of their own at the time of its release and they all still hold up to today's standards. A bona fide must-release on the VC."

10/10 - OMGILikeTurtlez 64

"Excitebike 64 doesn't quite feel like a sequel to the original game, but it definitely feels spiritually in line with Wave Race 64 and 1080° Snowboarding. I prefer the gameplay of Waverace 64, but this game had a lot more features to make up for the lack of wave physic wow factor. 4-player, a track editor, and plenty of modes give Excitebike 64 replayability."

8/10 - VGScrapbook 64

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This one took me by surprise. I was expecting it to play so we'll and look as good as it did back when I played it.


I've never played this Excitebike game! D:


Why isn't this on the virtual console?


nitrobike on wii is underrated. i wish this was on vc. wish alot more games from the 64 were on vc


This would be a definite vc purchase if I could! As an n64 kid this is the sort of game I should have played but somehow missed. As I'm more educated/geeky about the classic franchise's now, I'm a little ashamed it passed me by. One day eh?


love too se this on virtual console!!


My parents rented this game for me when I was a kid and though I don't remember much about it I do recall having a good time. Shame this never came to the VC!


This was an amazing game! I also enjoyed the high res mode as well. Man what wouldn't do to get this game on the vc! Insta buy for me!


I rememeber this game. My friend who still had a 64, had this game. It was so awesome. The track editor was also awesome.

Cant review it, as I didnt played it enough. But from the time I managed to play it, it was worth all my time playing this <3


Never played this. Just baffles me echoing other comments, why more formats and games are not on VC? Even the HD upgrades of what was available on the Wii (and are playable on the Wii U) have not been forthcoming. Nintendo are missing such a huge trick with this, but then I seem to remember this was the same complaint/observation with VC on the Wii.


Its rock hard but when you come in first you will be smileing like the mad hatter.

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