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1080° Snowboarding

"Almost Wave Race on snow; 1080? recreates the feel of snowboarding via the realistic sound effects and beautiful backdrops. The developers have worked hard to create engaging, differentiated tracks despite the constriction of snow. To master the game, time needs to be invested in learning the tracks but the true fun of the game is pulling off mid-race tricks with precision: an awesome thrill."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"Praised as highly technical, Ten Eighty Snowboarding was a marvel at the time of release, and its enjoyment holds even into today's modern gaming age. A sports game that actually felt and looked like it was supposed to, fun tracks to race on and ...almost unfair and simplistic AI holding it back? Regardless, 1080 was and still is 1080 degrees of pure, Nintendo fun."

8/10 - Prof_Clayton 64

"a masterpiece on snow, 1080 is only bettered by avalanche and can boast some stunning effects from falling snow to flipping powder off your board, okay it is a little serious but back in the day it did not matter, it looked the part, there are other boarders on n64 but overall this is the on you need in your collection. review by wayneyrob22 respect."

7/10 - wayneyrob22 64

"A game I would rent on occasion, 1080º Snowbaording was somewhat tricky for me, as most sports games tend to be. Controls that were easy to pick up, but difficult to master were a slight hindrance. Where the game really shines is in it's intense speed, stylish characters, beautiful wintry environments that affect performance with terrain, and catchy techno soundtrack. Work Your Body today!"

8/10 - TwilightV 64

"The only game that could get my sister to get into videogames. This game was easy to pickup but difficult to master. Awesome graphics by the time and fun tricks system made me come back for more every time. Even if I have always dislike sports games, this was a rare exception and an awesome gem that I look forward to relieve one day."

8/10 - ghasfarost 64

"I borrowed 1080° Snowboarding from a friend before buying it cheap years later. It never really grabbed me, unlike Wave Race 64's wave physics which felt more 'tactile'. Like that game, 1080 would have greatly benefited from taking advantage of the N64's 4-player. I can respect 1080's more realistic gameplay, but the arcadey feel of SSX ended up being more suited to my tastes."

6/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"For all intents and purposes, this was a Nintendo games that didn't felt like a Nintendo game. Fast, serious and "cool" the game was a slap on the face to everyone saying that the N64 was just a kiddy machine. Revolutionary graphics, fair challenge, and just enough content to justify the purchase, games like this were instrumental for the N64 retaining the western markets."

9/10 - Yomerodes 64

"At the time you had a choice which snowboarding game to play: the Cool Boarders saga on PSX or this for N64? I only played 1080 Snowboarding several months back, and I honestly did not feel it to be as great as some have clamored it to be. That's not to say that it's bad and it's okay; it just could've been something more."

7/10 - StarBoy91 64

"I think that 1080 snowboarding was one of those obscure classics on the N64 and just like it's successor on the Gamecube, really gives you the sense of excitement and speed when you are racing down the hill and doing tricks down the way. Not to mention the visuals, which for it's time, were incredible. To sum it all up, 1080 snowboarding is great."

8/10 - 10-zx 64

"1080 is a great little game, but it is undeniably little. What substance it has though is very polished. As enjoyable as the racing action was, it's a game I never got the hang of, and perhaps perversely, that's what we need more of from Nintendo; games that are unashamedly challenging. Any Wii U era update should come as a lower cost eShop title."

8/10 - Uncle_Franklin 64

"Despite the low number of tracks and middle of the road graphics, 1080 did an amazing job of the one thing that matters, the snow. The physics were spot on and riding through powder was a spot on visceral experience. The only issues to me were that some of the courses had sections that just weren't fun, and the massive slowdown in that powder."

7/10 - TRON 64

"One of my first taste of realism, now I understand why I never liked it. Being honest, for me this game was just boring, too much white and gray, and too little to do. That said, it was not a terrible game, the physics were nice and the controls nice enough. It also had good music, good graphics and a sense of coolness unparalleled."

7/10 - Twilight_Crow 64

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8/10 as well. Waverace on snow is perfect description. Back in the rental days, I grabbed this game half a dozen times for $1 rentals. I'd love a U eshop release.


I like this series. Lets me flex my reviewing muscle a bit without having to actually write out a whole review.


Great idea Nintendo Life. And all reviews should be 64 words... a much higher % of people would actually read them and not just the headline before commenting.


Great job guys, good reviews. Although I must be honest; I never played it, but just by looking at gameplay, I know enough.


This a great game. I wish Nintendo makes a new one for WiiU. It could be amazing.


Didn't like snowboarding games until SSX Tricky. 1080 failed to capture my interest for the most part. It might just be personal preference but 1080 is too boring and too simulation-like to be fun for me. But before this game I don't remember any snowboarding game even existing before, so there's that. 5/10

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