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007 The World is not Enough

"No beating around the bush here; Eurocom produced a Goldeneye clone of epic, almost plagiaristic, proportions. Yet if one ignores this, TWINE is still an enjoyable FPS: objectives vary and increase with difficulty; AI is decent; locations represent the film faithfully; and it?s well-animated throughout. A return to form for the Bond franchise but a lowly third to the superior Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. "

7/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"You just can't talk about this game without comparing it to Goldeneye. But not enough of those comparisons focus on what TWINE actually did better. In single player, for instance, the levels featured much more detail than some of the blank walls found in Goldeneye. And then in multiplayer, they included Bots, so you were never again caught one player short for a session."

8/10 - 64

"Graphics enough (but struggled in hi-res), gameplay enough (nice variation in missions stealth, shooting, skiing). Sound not enough (no Bond theme, annoying speech samples, “Bond is here!” Repeated backing tracks.) Multiplayer enough (but not enough Bonds,) challenge enough (in fact horrible on hardest setting where guards would shoot you before you could even see them). Overall not enough to beat Goldeneye but still enjoyable."

7/10 - dAvecaster 64

"I have never played Goldeneye 007, but I played this game to death. It's an extremely good First-person Shooter. The single player missions were fun until you got to the last level, which was so painful I never finished it. The multiplayer is among the best ever found in any game to date. A game I played as a child and still play today."

9/10 - Oragami 64

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TWINE was better than Goldeneye in my opinion. Better mechanics, better level design, better weapons, even the single player was more enjoyable.


I wouldn't say I liked this game (I'm just not an FPS guy), but I did enjoy it more than GoldenEye.


I enjoyed this, but perfect dark and goldeneye were always my favorites.


My experience with this game was much better than Goldeneye. Singleplayer.


I liked it less than Goldeneye, but infinitely more than Perfect Dark.


Me and my little bro used to play this game almost everyday during summer vacation. So much good memories


It was good. Just couldn't live up to following Goldeneye. I always did used to love the first level with the Swiss bank though.


I havent played it,hmm i hope it comes to the VirtualConsole


While it certainly isn't as good as Goldeneye I had a great time taking on bots with my bro!


I actually played it a bit a number of years after it came out and found it to be surprisingly decent. Goldeneye is a bit more plain but it has better mechanics and was a tighter game.


@odd69 will probably never release anywhere again because it would require both EA and whoever currently owns the Bond license to agree for its release and distribute the small financial gain. Best place to go is Ebay my friend.


This was never going to compare to GoldenEye but it was a solid good game that gave a lot of fun for me shame we don't have this many FPSs on WiiU!!

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