Fans of the quirky FPS Void Bastards will want to pay attention, because a direct sequel titled Wild Bastards is heading to the Nintendo Switch on 12th September 2024.

Boasting 13 unique playable characters, you'll need to manage the relationships between each one, guide their growth, and make sure they don't die a horrible death - obviously. Once you've successfully navigated your way through the main campaign, you'll unlock a Challenge Mode that introduces modifiers and an ever-increasing difficulty level to really test your skills.

We were rather fond of the original Void Bastards, calling it "a delightful roguelike romp through a wonderfully unique cel-shaded comic book world full of loud-mouthed enemies and smart-arsed robots". We slapped an 8/10 at the end of our review, which means you'd do well to check it out.

In the meantime, a demo of Wild Bastards is now available on Steam if you want a taste of the action before the game launches in September. For now, let's check out the key features:

- Intense Showdowns - Prove you’re the ultimate gunslinger by blasting an array of enemies in bullet-flying shootouts.
- Tactical FPS Combat - Use your wits to overcome crafty enemies that utilize cover, flank you, and employ a huge variety of special moves from teleportation to homing poisonous quills.
- 13 Outlaws to Play - Rebuild a gang of 13 outlaws, each with their own unique weapon, stunt, personality, relationships, and ability tree.
- Build & Maintain Relationships - The gang know each other well, but that doesn’t mean they like each other. It’s your job to manage their dynamic relationships, but good luck getting feuding outlaws to ride together.
- Keep The Gang Thriving - Accumulate resources to heal injured gang members, level up characters, improve relationships, and more.
- Strategize for Victory - Evaluate each planet’s terrain, enemies, and traits before selecting which gang members you want to land there. Collect items, level up, and use special locations carefully to turn the odds in your favor!
- An Ever-Changing, Lawless Galaxy - Roam the procedurally-generated galactic sectors and planets with varying parameters such as gravity, terrain features, weather, and more.
- Challenge Mode - After completing the main campaign, a challenge mode unlocks to offer a sequence of challenge sectors with increasingly difficult levels and mutators to modify the play experience.

What do you think? Are you up for this one? Leave a comment with your thoughts down below.