During a recent episode of the Kiwi Talkz podcast, Stephen Hughes, assistant voice director for Metroid Dread and the voice of the Chozo character Quiet Robe, spoke about the challenges in adapting a completely new language for the game.

According to Hughes, developer MercurySteam wanted the language to flow when recording the lines for the cutscenes. As such, they based it on the syntax of English, meaning the order of words would closely follow that of the English language. This allowed Hughes to recognise where certain words were placed when compared to his native language, thus allowing him to convey subtleties and nuance when recording his lines.

Anyone who has attempted to learn a new language knows that it's not just about learning new words; the entire structure of sentences often changes depending on what language you're speaking. We imagine it must have come as a relief for Hughes to not have to deal with a change in structure alongside a bunch of completely made-up words!

As a reminder, here's a look at Quiet Robe's appearance in Metroid Dread:

What did you make of Quiet Robe in Metroid Dread? Would you like to see similar Chozo appearances in future Metroid games? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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