If you're into Metroidvanias and cooking (and who isn't?), then good news, you'll be able to enjoy both at the same time with the upcoming title Magical Delicacy on Switch, launching on 16th July 2024.

We know what you're thinking: "Gosh, another Metroidvania?", and yeah, we get it. But look, this one looks pretty cool and we're admittedly enamoured with the idea of a more 'cosy' Metroidvania that also allows us to unleash our inner chef. Bring on those Michelin Stars, we say.

Built by solo developer 'sKaule', you'll be playing as a young witch called Flora within the delightful town of Grat, who sets up shop to cook up a variety of delicious meals for the townsfolk. You'll need to explore for new items and abilities, forage for ingredients, grow crops in your garden, and upgrade your kitchen to fully unleash its potential.

We love the colourful pixel art aesthetic with this one, so hopefully the gameplay will be able to match the lovely visuals. For now, let's check out the key features:

- Collect new recipes and ingredients through trade, questing, growing vegetables in your garden, and exploring throughout the town of Grat.
- Learn an extensive cooking system, allowing for flexible, creative choices to fulfill even the oddest orders.
- Build the kitchen of your dreams by commissioning new equipment to help you create even more delicious dishes.
- Experience a wholesome linear story filled with witchy wonder and intrigue, with many optional encounters and free play opportunities.
- Traverse a 2D platformer inspired by Metroidvanias, gain new abilities, reach new areas, and unlock shortcuts.

Will you be picking this one up when it launches in July? What do you make of the trailer? Share your thoughts below.