Publisher Ysbryd Games has revealed Love Eternal, a surreal 2D platformer in which you bend gravity to your will to overcome increasingly difficult challenges.

Developed by brlka, the game is currently scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch in 2025, so we've got a bit of a wait on our hands for this one. It should be worth it though; judging from the trailer, it definitely seems to be channeling some of that precise, challenging platforming gameplay made popular in games like Celeste. It looks cool.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one in the coming months. We love a good challenge here at Nintendo Life, and using gravity to weave in and out of obstacles sounds delightfully tricky. In the meantime, let's take a look at the game's premise courtesy of Ysbryd Games:

Teenagers have plenty to deal with, but Maya has more to fuel her anger than her peers. Between alienation from her family, a recent squabble with her friend Lacey, and her recent abduction at the hands of an ancient god, Maya has a horrific journey ahead of her. Traverse the god’s terrarium, manipulate gravity through a puzzle-filled Castle, chase down and confront her captor, and escape this lonesome fate.

Bend gravity to Maya's will, amplifying her agility to leap through the challenging chambers throughout The Castle’s labyrinth. Swiftly jump gaping chasms, deadly spikes, scalding lasers, and more with precise springs and flips in a precise platforming experience. Stay wary of the god’s watchful eye, lest reality shifts underfoot.

Navigate eerie and atmospheric Iron Age landscapes, from ruined castle structures to deep sea caverns to a dark reflection of Maya’s own home, listening to the unsettling tones echoing through the time-worn structures. Face uncanny encounters with Maya’s family, Lacey, and other wandering prisoners to uncover the god’s true motivations.

Hopefully we'll get some more news on the game's release date very soon.

What do you think? Do you like the look of Love Eternal? Share your thoughts with a comment down below.