If you happen to be a reasonably new parent and are wondering how to introduce your child to the wonderful world of gaming, then you might want to keep an eye out for the upcoming indie title Mouse & Crane, launching for the Switch on 21st June 2024.

Developed by Danish studio Those Eyes in collaboration with Canadian studio Tobo, Mouse & Crane is a cute puzzler that supports both solo and co-op play and has been specifically designed for children aged 4-7, with the developers pitching it as the "ideal child's first game".

The gameplay will allow children to unleash their creativity and build objects using simple everyday tools such as screwdrivers and spanners, but also more elaborate tools like magnets and wrecking balls, all the while teaching the benefits of recycling old materials into something completely new. The art style has been designed to be reminiscent of collages that children might enjoy creating in picture books.

Judith Beauregard, co-CEO and producer at Tobo, talks more about how the game has been specifically designed for younger players:

“When we started creating this game, we knew it had to be accessible for a younger child. The game is being created with a focus on a young child’s skill level. The levels are designed to encourage cooperation and help boost their problem-solving confidence. Mouse & Crane for Switch won’t require young players to know how to read, and important information is either spoken or displayed as universally understandable icons.”

Naturally, to allow for maximum accessibility, the game can be played with either the touch screen or the Joy-Con controllers, and if you choose to play co-operatively, then each player can control specific actions with one Joy-Con each.

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