Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Image: Nintendo

If you main a particular character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because you saw it at the top of a certain tier list, you might want to read on...

Game director Masahiro Sakurai has shared "win rate data" of online battles in his latest YouTube video - revealing the highest win rate with a character is 51.43% and the lowest win rate is 47.18%, with a "smooth gradation" in between.

"The internet can tend to be an echo chamber of sorts, so if people start saying something is strong or weak, that assessment will gain momentum and make people think it's truer than it is..."

According to Sakurai "any fighter has a shot at winning" and if you are playing as one of the community's less favoured fighters, there is only about a five percent difference between the top and bottom characters.

"This tells us that any fighter has a shot at winning a match. In fact, it would be difficult to make them much closer..."

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Image: Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games

So, there you go - if you don't play as one of the favourites within the community, you can always quote Masahiro Sakurai.

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