Publisher Bohemia Interactive (Arma, DayZ) has announced that it's bringing its swashbuckling crafting adventure Ylands to the Switch next month on 20th June 2024.

Titled Ylands: Nintendo Switch Edition, the game will cost $24.99 USD / €24.99 EUR and is said to be a mix of Minecraft and Sea of Thieves, utilising a highly abstract low-poly art style and promising a 'seamless' gameplay experience on the Switch.

Opting for an upfront cost rather than the free-to-play structure on Steam, Ylands on Switch also streamlines the experience, ditching any pay-to-progress mechanics and significantly reducing the need to grind. So you can sail the seas and craft 'thousands' of items without worrying about parting with any additional cash.

It looks very cute and, judging from the trailer at least, there should be plenty to keep you busy, so if you're into the likes of Minecraft or even Fae Farm, then this will be right up your street.

Let's check out the key features:

- Play Ylands Offline For The First Time - Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition will be able to be played fully offline only, which is a first for this series. After download and initial launch, players don’t need an active internet connection to play the game. All player game worlds, creations and progress is stored locally which ensures smooth uninterrupted sailing, wherever they choose to play.

- Buy Once, Play Forever - While Ylands on PC is a free-to-play title Bohemia Interactive has elected for a simpler pay upfront premium model for Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition. This, in combination with its offline nature, means there are no pay-to-progress mechanics, less of a need to grind in order to accumulate resources and no monetisation pushes. All planned updates for Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition will always be included for no additional cost with the option to purchase optional cosmetic DLC packages also supported.

- Optimised Controls and UI with Stable Framerate - Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition has been optimised to take full advantage of Nintendo Switch hardware, boasts a stable framerate and a user interface that has been designed with both TV and handheld play in mind.

- Safe Single Player For All Ages - Due to its offline structure, Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition is a 100% safe gaming environment for younger players with zero microtransaction prompts and no risk of negative interactions with other players. There is no gore or graphic violence in the game, which makes it a perfect experience for younger players.

- Adventure and Creative Modes - Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition is an experience that supports and encourages creative development and thinking at every stage. There are virtually unlimited building opportunities available to the player; both in the more story-centric Adventure mode and the sandbox-orientated Creative mode. If players don’t wish to create from the ground-up it will also be possible to purchase different types of buildings, ships and even pets via the Nintendo eShop.

What do you make of Ylands? Will you be picking it up on Switch? Let us know with a comment in the usual place.