Little Kitty, Big City
Image: Double Dagger Studio

Update [Tue 28th May, 2024 11:15 BST]: The latest update for Little Kitty, Big City is now available on Switch, after launching on Steam roughly two weeks ago.

The main focus of this first major update appears to be collision and clipping issues (you can find the full patch notes in our original post below). An "Unstick Me!" button has also been added to help get the titular kitty out of any buggy situations.

Read on to see everything added in the latest Switch update...

Original Article [Tue 14th May, 2024 12:30 BST]: Little Kitty, Big City landed (on its feet, naturally) on Switch last week and developer Double Dagger Studios has been quick to pounce on any pesky bugs that popped up along the way.

This first major update is said to fix "most (if not all) major collision and clipping issues and falling out of map issues" as well as a handful of other problems besides. The patch will be arriving on Steam very soon, while those of us playing on Switch will have to wait a little while longer — "Minimum 1 week from when we submit, probably longer," says the game's director, Matt Wood.

The full patch notes were shared on Twitter and we have collected them together for you to check out below.

Little Kitty, Big City Update (Coming Soon)

- fixed usables not being usable in some cases after a manual load
- fixed sometimes getting stuck (and locked up) when ledge climbing that usually happened on very low ledges
- fixed being able to use doggo through the hedge
- fixed the paint buckets on the climb up being pickupable
- fixed tanuki floating off the platform after you get to your apartment
- fixed the lunch bag in the construction yard having a bad pickup offset as well as being occluded if you took it too far from where it spawned
- fixed the blue fan duck bin being rotatable
- Fixed fruitfall achievement not triggering at right time
- updates to credits
- improvements to kitty being carried
- fixed some of the convenience store props blocking the camera when they shouldn't
- if an emote is trigger when pawing, the pawing state is now correctly cleared
- fixed being able to take a photo during the outro (and some other periods as well)
- fixed some methods of skipping past crow which would break some quests
- improved the area around doggo (Big Potato) to improve the experience of getting the balls in the hole
- fixed bad collision on some buildings which allowed players to clip into the building and get trapped inside
- fixed not being able to get the shiny jar on the vent near the shrine pond area
- fixed a line in Traditional Chinese where one of the characters was not displaying
- improved worker behavior towards kitty when eating a fish
- fixed a bug with pawing and sprinting at the same time


- fixed the pine needles on the pine trees having the wrong material for shadows
- fixed cones and bins being occluded if you pulled them too far away from their start position
- Fixed humans doing detours fading out way too early
- removed 2 real time lights that weren’t seen or used which now slightly improves performance
- fixed gaps/light leaks in the models from the sun light by updating to new settings
- updated the trash jump animation to the newest that has the tail not clip through the wall and also no longer does a weird horizontal slide on exit
- fixed the dynamic tail animator being on in some cases when it shouldn't be
- fixed the tail chase sequence having a huge pause in between the players actions and the actual spin


- fixed the camera doing weird things and also clipping into the ground when carried and dropped
- fixed the camera when trash diving not being in a position where you could see kitty exit the can and land
- Fixed camera rotation not being the same at different FPSs


- added versioning to save files to help us deal with saves better going forward
- fixed us not saving the game when a quest is GIVEN, which caused some things to be out of sync on load because some map elements needed to know if a quest was started or not
- improved timing when autosaves happen to be less problematic
- fixed saving during conversations which can break things like when Tanuki gives you a shiny and breaks the conversation


- fixed the chat bubble text being shifted down if a glyph was imbedded into the first line
- fixed being able to open the esc menu before the gacha item or fish collect was complete which could get you stuck
- the escape menu can now be closed with the cancel button
- fixed opening the esc menu on controller when you pressed B ("cancel")
- fixed being able to open the emote menu when pawing

As a reminder, Little Kitty, Big City is now available on the Switch eShop for £22.49 / $24.99.

Have you played Little Kitty, Big City yet? Are there any improvements that you're pleased to see here? Let us know in the comments.