Inti Creates has announced that its new roguelike deckbuilder Card-en-Ciel will be launching digitally on the Switch on 24th October, 2024.

You play as Neon and must collect and battle with over 300 cards across 10 unique dungeons, strenthening your deck with new abilities as you progress. In addition, special 'Muse' cards can also be activated during battle, utilising the power of over 50 vocal music tracks included in the game.

Those familiar with Mega Man: Battle Network and its sequels will no doubt be quite taken with the gameplay showcased here, which looks remarkably similar to Capcom's tactical RPG series.

Also included with the Japanese physical edition (with more information on the Western release at a later date) is the spin-off title Divine Dynamo Flamefrit, which originated as an April Fool's joke from Inti Creates, but is actually a real game taking inspiration from the worlds of Card-en-Ciel. Phew!

Divine Dynamo Flamefrit is a 2D action title taking inspiration from robot anime from the '90s. Its gameplay is primarily presented in a top-down isometric viewpoint, but then shifts into a first-person perspective when boss battles occur, during which you fight with the robot companion Flamefrit.

Let's check out some more information on Card-en-Ciel from Inti Creates:

Card-en-Ciel includes over 300 different cards featuring characters from in-universe video games, each with their own personality.

Every card is fully voiced, from when you first earn it to when you use their special abilities in battle. They'll even react when you're doing well or in trouble, and talk to their friends and enemies while idle! The characters on your cards come alive thanks to the "Link Etude System" in Card-en-Ciel.

In addition to in-universe game characters, INTI CREATES game characters are also featured on cards!

We'll be sure to share more information on Card-en-Ciel when we hear more in the coming weeks and months.

Will you be picking this one up? What do you make of the trailer? Share your thoughts with a comment down below.