Solo developer TYB Games has revealed Covert Crew, a superhero SRPG that will be saving the day on Switch later this year.

We have seen superhero tactics pop up a couple of times in recent years with the likes of Marvel's Midnight Suns and the soon-to-be-released Capes, but Covert Crew is the most nostalgic take we've seen, wearing its classic Fire Emblem inspirations on its sleeve.

As you might expect from the genre, Covert Crew will see you building a team of superheroes and unleashing them on a turn-based battlefield to take down foes. It's a structure for which the Switch has no shortage of options, but we're digging the unabashed Fire Emblem inspiration here, with a classic pixel art style, zoomed-in attack animations and 'Power Pentagon' (a take on the classic 'Weapon Triangle') making this appear like a fun throwback.

Covert Crew will offer a story mode and 'Combat Simulator' roguelike mode for those who want to refine their skills against different enemy types. You can find out a little more about some of the game's features and get a look at some screenshots below.

Classic 2D Turn-Based Tactical Combat
Strategic grid-based battles with fresh and creative win conditions and boss battles.
Over 20+ Playable Units
Recruit from a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique power.
Synergize With your Teammates
Featuring in-battle 'quips', increase your synergy with other units to unlocking new bonding scenes and in-battle bonuses.
Your Power is Your Weapon
Equip power modulators to modify your attacks, increase power, speed or even add the chance to inflict status effects. Unlock and craft new modulators as the game progresses.
Power Pentagon System
Replacing a certain 'triangle', the power pentagon utilizes the five power types in Covert Crew for strengths/weaknesses. Energy, Elemental, Spatial, Physical & Mystical.
A Wide Range of Abilities
Differing from the traditional 'move and attack', your units are also able to cast unique abilities that can influence the battle in various ways. (Attacks, buffs, debuffs, terrain control and more!)
Enter the Combat Simulator
Train your units in a roguelike inspired mode which includes procedurally generated maps, an augment system, and blueprints to unlock new modulators and skills.

Covert Crew has been developed by a one-person team after its sole creator, Daniel, returned to the classic Fire Emblem games in lockdown while watching through the MCU films and Amazon's The Boys. Rather than dedicating all of his time to playing Animal Crossing (as we imagine some people did, not us, of course... *ahem*) Daniel learnt to code and produced this game as a combination of his two passions.

We don't have a precise release date for this one just yet outside of '2024', but we'll be keeping our eyes on the skies for more updates over the coming months.

What do you make of Covert Crew so far? Does it look up your Crime Alley? Let us know in the comments.