Dear Villagers has announced that the cosy, accessible city builder Fabledom — which launched on Steam today — is also coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Grenaa Games' debut title will also be getting a physical version alongside the eShop release.

Taking the popular city builder genre and giving it a fairy tale twist, Fabledom sees you creating the perfect kingdom for you and your subjects. Inspired by The Settlers, Foundation, and Kingdoms and Castles, Fabledom aims to deliver a laid-back take on managing, building, and expanding your town.

Flying pigs, gnomes, and the ever-present threat of a dragon are just a few things you might encounter on your search for the Promised Land. Plus, this isn't just about building a city, maintaining relations, and having an army ready for any invasions. You actually need to find love in this fable-filled world, too.

Fabledom is expected to launch in Q3 2024 on Switch, so get ready to settle down, fight some dragons, and become king or queen of your land later this year.

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