One game we were genuinely surprised with when it rolled out on the Switch eShop last year was the immersive action-adventure Strayed Lights.

In our review here on Nintendo Life, we mentioned how the combat was unique and accessible (even if it did get a little repetitive at times) and noted how the story was told in a subtle, heartfelt way. There were some other setbacks tied to performance but overall it was a fun game.

If you're still curious about this one and would prefer a hard copy of the title, Limited Run Games has now announced it's releasing a physical version for the Switch. Pre-orders will go live on 26th April 2024 for USD $39.99 with the game estimated to ship in September.

Here's a bit more about Strayed Lights, courtesy of a description from Nintendo's website:

Strayed Lights is an immersive action adventure set in a wordless, dreamlike world of corruption and shadows. You are a nascent light on a journey to free yourself from the grasp of shadows surrounding you.
Key Features of Strayed Lights:

• Battle endearing creatures deformed by their emotions, shift your colors to repel their attacks.
• Experience a tightly-crafted cinematic experience through art and emotion, with not a word of dialogue.
• Explore the fractured lands of Strayed Lights, from luminescent forests to canyons, caves and lands of bewildering mist.
• Scored to a haunting, atmospheric original soundtrack by Austin Wintory.

Have you played this game? Any interest in a physical release? Let us know.