If you're fond of the charming Dadish series on Switch, then you'll be pleased to know that it's heading into the third dimension later this month with Dadish 3D.

Launching on 23rd April 2024, Dadish 3D stars, well, Dadish as he embarks on his 'craziest adventure yet' to locate his missing children, who were lured away by suspicious pop-up advertising. Although transitioning from 2D to 3D, the game is said to maintain the same tight platforming gameplay and witty dialogue that made the original games so attractive.

As a reminder, Dadish, Dadish 2, Dadish 3, and Daily Dadish are all available via the Nintendo eShop. The latter is particularly interesting as it features 365 hand-crafted levels, one for each day of the year. Developer Thomas K. Young, based in Wellington, New Zealand, has been particularly prolific with 2D titles, with Dadish 3D being his first foray into the 3D realm. He states that, "I’d never thought I’d be capable of making something like this, but somehow I’ve fumbled my way there. I’m very excited to share it with the world.”

Let's check out the key features for Dadish 3D:

- A charming and challenging retro platformer that adds another dimension to the beloved Dadish games while keeping their core concepts intact
- From the creator of Super Fowlst, Molecano and Dadish
- 50 meticulously crafted levels
- 49 sassy baby radishes and one screechy Possum to find
- Experience the highs and lows of being a parent (who is also a radish)
- Ride on the back of a giant hamburger (who is also a criminal)
- Fast-food dudes that will try to kill you
- Five big grumpy bosses
- I enjoy the soundtrack and I hope you do too
- The graphics are great, I think
- Collectable stars hidden in every stage
- Believe in yourself and follow your heart

Dadish 3D will be available on the Switch eShop for $14.99 in the US. We've reached out to confirm the price in the UK and will update this piece once we know more.

What do you make of this one? Have you played the previous Dadish games? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.