The Simpsons is, somehow, still a thing in 2024. Regardless of what we might think of its overall quality, however, there's no denying that the cartoon is able to pull off some truly weird and wacky crossovers.

While presumably not an official crossover by any means, the show has recently strayed into the realm of Mario Kart with a bizarre dream sequence in which Lisa, Homer, Milhouse, and more partake in a race on what appears to be a take on the racing franchise's Rainbow Road (thanks, Eurogamer).

The characters are even dressed to resemble those from Mario Kart, with Lisa donning an instantly recosnisable cap, Nelson sporting a spiny shell, and Ralph Wiggum rocking a giant mushroom hat. Very droll.

It might be the fact that the above video is somewhat taken out of context, mind, but the whole thing just isn't particularly funny. "I'm a dream version of Milhouse" isn't the kind of line that would get us laughing our bums off; not like those earlier, iconic seasons. We're certain it's an attempt from the show to say "hey, don't worry Nintendo, it's not Yoshi", but it still falls a bit flat.

Anyway, enough of our 'get off my lawn' mentality. Go ahead and check out the video; who knows, you might like it!

What do you make of this little crossover between The Simpsons and Mario Kart? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.

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