Update [Thu 9th Nov, 2023 18:30 GMT]: Nintendo of America has now shared an English version of the overview trailer for Super Mario RPG, which launches on Nintendo Switch on 17th November, 2023.

The five-minute trailer goes over all of the game's features, cast, and new additions. Check it out above, and let us know how excited you are for this remake in the comments.

In the meantime, make sure you read our hands-on with the game to help build the excitement.

Original article [Thu 2nd Nov, 2023 05:00 GMT]: WarioWare: Move It! might be out this week, but Nintendo is already turning its attention to its next Switch release.

In case you somehow missed it, Super Mario RPG returns later this month on 17th November. It will include updated graphics and cinematics as well as some newly-arranged music. Now, to build up some excitement, Nintendo has released a new five-minute overview trailer.

It's in Japanese only (for now), but Nintendo will likely release either the same trailer or at least something similar locally in the near future. This overview provides a breakdown of the combat, shows off some cinematics, and even the fun minigames you'll be able to participate in.

Will you be revisiting this classic RPG when it returns later this month? Tell us in the comments.