Publisher Apogee Entertainment and solo developer Eric Manahan have announced that the upcoming Metroidvania (or 'Celestoidvania' - bleeugh!) LUCID has 207% of its funding goal prior to its 2025 release on Nintendo Switch.

In addition, it's been confirmed that veteran composer David Wise has been hired to provide the score for the upcoming title. Wise has worked on a number of key Nintendo published titles in the past, including the likes of Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Star Fox Adventures.

2025 is still a way off, but everything about Lucid, so far, is sounding pretty impressive. Here's what Apogee Entertainment has to say about the game:

Enter a flow state while hunting for the Lucid Giant’s heart across shimmering caverns, snow-covered ridges, and barren badlands. String together Crystal Arts for double-jump and airdash-fueled maneuvers to access out-of-reach areas. Hot-swap abilities on the fly to unleash heavy-hitting special attacks against evasive enemies and behemoth-sized bosses.

Hopefully, we'll have more information on a target release date in the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, there are still a few days left to back the game's Kickstarter campaign if you wish to do so.

What do you make of Lucid so far? Are you pleased to see David Wise join the project? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.