Update [Sun 15th Oct, 2023 23:55 BST]:

The community votes have now been counted and the Armadillo is officially the next mob joining Minecraft. Here's a bit more information about it:

The armadillo lives in the savannah biome. If you startle the armadillo, it will curl up into a blocky ball! The armadillo also drops a scute that you can use to craft a new type of armor, wolf armor! Which will give your pet wolf some extra protection.

While the mob vote has closed, the event server* is open for the next 24 hours! This means you have another day to play mob-tastic mini-games, meet the hosts of Minecraft Live, indulge in a spot of parkour, and finish that scavenger hunt!

Original article [Fri 6th Oct, 2023 04:45 BST]:

The annual Minecraft event 'Minecraft Live' is returning on 15th October and once again there'll be a new mob announced.

The catch is there are three mobs and only one of them will be added to the game. The winner depends on the amount of community votes each mob gets. This year the mobs include the Crab, Armadillo and Penguin. Here's a bit about each one, along with a look:


"The crab has one gigantic claw, which it likes to wave around as it scuttles through its home in the mangrove swamp. This giant claw is very special because if a player manages to find one, they can use it to place blocks further away! Sounds pretty cl-awesome to me. Just like its real-world counterparts, the crab is important to the mangrove swamp eco-system, which is why you can find it hiding between the vines of this mud-tastic biome."


"The armadillo calls the vast desert of the savannah biome its home, plodding serenely between the long grass – unless you surprise it! Just like a few of its real-world counterparts, the armadillo can roll into a blocky ball if startled – which looks just as cute as it sounds. The armadillo also drops a special scute, which you can use to craft something new: Wolf armor! Like horse armor, wolf armor will give your four-legged friend some extra defense. Perfect if you and your favorite pet tend to get surprised by skeletons after nightfall!"


"You’ll find the penguin in the stony shores biome, waddling around the beach, or swimming in the nearby ocean. Just like its real-world counterpart, the penguin is a social mob, and it’s amphibious! That means it’s happy both on land and in the water, though it can be a little clumsy when walking. The penguin is a speedy swimmer though, and it has a very special skill – it can help your boat travel faster!"

The mob vote will open on 13th October and will be available until 15th October, with the winner announced at this year's Minecraft Live. To vote, you can either head over to Minecraft.net or boot up the game launcher. This year fans can also submit their vote in-game if they have access to the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Last year's mob vote winner was "The Sniffer", which you can learn more about in our previous post:

Apart from the mob vote, this year's show will spend time talking about Minecraft news as well as some updates for Minecraft Legends.

Which mob above is your pick? Tell us in the comments.

[source minecraft.net]