Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

In case you missed it, our pals over at Time Extension recently covered Analogue's next big retro venture: an FPGA-based N64 console with 4K output called the 'Analogue 3D'.

Now, in an extended interview from Paste Magazine (thanks, VGC), Analogue's CEO Christopher Taber has claimed that not even Nintendo could match up to what Analogue is aiming to achieve with its new product - even if the former were to create an official 'N64 Classic' - stating that “The nature of how [N64] software emulation functions with even the most powerful components–it isn’t possible. It will inevitably result in a subpar experience.”

So the Analogue 3D, then, is able to connect directly to modern TVs, play all N64 cartridges from any region, and contain four controller ports. In theory, it sounds like the perfect solution if you're not willing to purchase an old CRT set and a genuine N64 console.

In fact, Taber goes on to state that the Analogue 3D will provide players with such a radically authentic experience, that the only other alternative is to opt for the original console from Nintendo:

“This generation of videogames is where its context starts to really become important. All of the videogame systems designed within this era were made to be played on a CRT. N64 games have mixed asset resolutions, amongst many other things. Scaling early 3D games for modern televisions is radically more complicated than 2D games.

“This is why 4K is so important for 3D games. FPGA plus 4K equals 100 percent control over everything, in every detail. Analogue 3D performs like a masterful f****** orchestra - a symphony - because, again, everything is designed from scratch, in-house, with complete control over every dynamic. Therefore every nuance is able to be calibrated to an unprecedented degree. To me, it’s either this or buy a f****** original N64 and a CRT. End of story.”

It all sounds promising, but we're definitely wary of the potential price for this thing. Taber states that the Analogue 3D will be "in the range of all of our other systems", so hopefully we're not looking at anything that will break the bank too much.

What do you make of the Analogue 3D so far? Do you plan on picking on up? Let us know with a comment.

[source pastemagazine.com, via videogameschronicle.com]