Mortal Kombat 1 went into early access this week and players have finally been able to get their hands on all versions of the game. The question many have been wondering for some time now is how the game holds up on the Switch compared to other versions and now we've finally got some details.

The tech, visual and performance comparison YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has released a graphics comparison of the Switch version alongside the Xbox Series, PlayStation and Steam Deck versions of the game. According to the source, here's the rundown on the Switch release:

"Nintendo Switch: Dynamic 900p/~60fps (Common 720-640p) | Handheld Dynamic 720p (Common 480p)"

It's further mentioned how the Switch "aims to reach 60fps during combat, but it's a bit unstable". In terms of cutbacks on Switch - all "visual aspects" have been impacted. This includes "textures, geometry, lighting, animations, post-processing effects" and more. One other note about the Nintendo release is the "wait times to start fights on Switch are somewhat tedious".

Keep in mind, Mortal Kombat 1 is still technically in its "early access" period and has already received a day-one update addressing some issues across all platforms. In other words, there could be more updates in the future, improving the overall experience. Be on the lookout for our own Nintendo Life review of this new Mortal Kombat entry soon.

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