The hit indie release Vampire Survivors made its debut on the Switch last month and since then it's received some updates.

The latest one (Version 1.6.108) has now been released on Nintendo's hybrid system and it contains all sorts of fixes and improvements for both the main game and DLC. In addition to this is added language support for Chinese (Traditional) and perhaps most interestingly there's also been a Home menu icon update. Below is the before and after screenshots:

Here's the full rundown of the latest patch (via Nintendo Everything):

Vampire Survivors - Nintendo Switch Version 1.6.108

  • Added language: Chinese (Traditional)
  • Updated game icon
  • Updated credits
  • Fix for revives triggering twice
  • Fixes for particle effect sizes and duration on Level Up and Arcana
  • Various small fixes for VFX at different aspect ratios
  • Pentagram flash now obeys Flashing VFX in the options
  • UI pages can now be scrolled quickly using shoulder buttons on controllers
  • Fixed lingering images on screen sides after completing the yellow sign collection animation
  • Improvements to Arcana selection navigation
  • Optimized Thunder Loop Projectile to reduce hitch after evolving
  • Fixed Gorgeous Moon display colors and alpha
  • Updated config for Rosary SFX
  • Fixed audio issue with vaccuum
  • Fixes for pickup vacuum behaviour differences
  • Fixed DLC enemies showing as white squares in the credits if you don’t own the DLC
  • Fixes for Luminaire’s VFX
  • Fix for walking characters hiding too early during preloader
  • Fixed an issue with CherryStarsWeapon/Projectile not despawning its sprites and effects properly
  • Fixed an issue where the bone giant weapon was not being removed properly during special events
  • Fixed an issue with some enemies starting at an angle when they should not (ex: The Directer)
  • Fixed issue where Sammy leveling up too much before starting the Directer fight would cause a crash
  • Fix for crashes occurring at or after 30 minutes
  • Fix for controller issue causing players to get stuck on the ‘Photosensitivity Warning’ screen
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a blank arcana card after exhausting via rerolls could cause a crash
  • Fixed Selection arrow colors not always refreshing when reentering a panel
  • Fixed quick access options page failing to display when entering for a second time
  • Fixed a bug where extra players could clip through walls at boundaries
  • Fixed Crimson Shroud explanations not counting as retaliation damage
  • Fixed total egg count not updating when buying from the merchant or picking up Golden Eggs which caused Egg Man to not show up
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles supporting Heart of Fire Arcana were triggering retaliation explosions instead of weapon explosions
  • Fixed evolution highlights not covering the entire item in the Grimoire
  • Improvements to caching and performance of options menu
  • Fixed issue with Trickster appearing in non-inverted library
  • Removed Stained Window from weapon summary list
  • Multiple navigation arrow fixes across the UI
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when the Sire weapon was removed
  • Fixed an issue with sprite generation which resulted in higher vertex counts causing gradient tinting to not work
  • Enabled missing gradient tint and corrected depth sorting of mirage projectiles
  • Fixed issue with equipment panel spacing
  • Fixed potential crash related to equipment panel
  • Fixed issue with Gem physics offsets
  • Fixed Coin sound being more high-pitched during gold fever vs the original engine
  • Fixed Metaglio merging not showing in equipment panel
  • General improvements to formatting and alignment of items in the equipment panel
  • Improved sprite sizing across all panels
  • Optimized tilemap loading
  • Fix for UI popups being on the wrong layer in some situations
  • Fixed avatar infernas weapon not showing in secret page
  • Fixed a sorting order issue for cursors and their icons
  • Updated how toastie is spawned to ensure it is hidden when leaving gameplay
  • Added switching of Syuuto’s song during weapon evolution

The PC version of Vampire Survivors is currently on Version 1.6.109. This was released earlier this week on 14th September.

If you've not played Vampire Survivors yet, don't sleep on it. In our review, we gave the game a lot of praise and would strongly encourage everyone to give it a go for the asking price of $4.99 / £3.99 or the regional equivalent. There's also some great DLC.

Have you tried out this latest update yet? What do you think of the icon change? Tell us below.