Image: Nintendo

Nintendo and Niantic have quietly launched a browser-based AR game titled Pikmin Finder to coincide with the Nintendo Live event in Seattle.

Accessible via any mobile browser application, Pikmin Finder needs to be played via a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to be fully appreciated (which we imagine is to give folks waiting in queues at Nintendo Live something to keep them occupied), as it utilises the built-in camera to implement AR Pikmin in your immediate surroundings.

The premise is pretty simple: You simply search for Pikmin sprouting in the ground and use a quick finger swipe to pull them out. Not entirely dissimilar to Pikmin Bloom, then. Once you've found all Pikmin of a certain type (there are usually two or three of them dotted about), you can use the Pikmin to search for treasure, such as a rubber ducky, a cake, and much more.

Understandably, it's not exactly the most in-depth experience you're likely to find, but it's harmless fun, particularly since it's clearly geared toward those attending Nintendo Live. It's also pretty amusing to watch your Pikmin trot off to find treasure and bring it back towards the camera. Incidentally, you can also use the camera to take quick snaps of your Pikmin and treasure and save them to your device storage, so that's nice.

Have you tried Pikmin Finder yet? What do you make of it? leave a comment with your thoughts down below.

[source pikmin-finder.nintendo.net]