Square Enix
Image: Square Enix

If you're a fan of Square Enix games, you may want to check out the new Switch game bundle it's offering in the US and UK.

Right now, you can get Octopath Traveler II (main game) and Various Daylife (main game) for the single price of $64.99 / £52.99. Here's a bit about each one:

The story takes place in Solistia, a land comprising an eastern and western continent divided by the sea. It is a bustling era, wherein large vessels navigate busy sea routes and the power of steam gives birth to new technologies. Some people thrill to glamorous stars of the stage and industry, while others are brought to tears by war, plague, and poverty. In this faraway realm, eight travelers hailing from different regions venture forth for their own reasons. Step into their shoes and explore the land as you see fit, using their unique talents to aid you along your journey.
Embark on an adventure all your own.

In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, a new continent was discovered. Explore its every last corner as a settler of Antoecia, while living your life to the fullest in the city of Erebia.

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It's worth noting both of these games are currently on sale and it's actually a better deal to purchase them separately. Octopath Traveler II is reduced to $44.99 / £37.49 and Various Daylife is down to just $14.49 / £12.49. This sale runs until 26th September in the US and 25th September in the UK.

Any interest in this new bundle offer? Will you be getting these games while they're on sale? Leave a comment below.