Picross S8
Image: Jupiter Corporation

Yes, the Jupiter Summer Sale is almost upon us once again (has it really been a year?) offering the perfect time to pick up one of the Picross titles on Switch at a discounted price.

The sale will run from 10th-16th August, where you can grab many of Jupiter's Switch titles (most of which are Picross games, obviously) with a tasty 20% discount. These savings can be found across all eShops, so there's no missing out on this one.

Here's a list of all the games that will see 20% off their RRP from tomorrow:

There is a little under a week to make the most of this sale, so if you are looking to add another puzzle title to your collection or if you just want to see what the series is all about, make sure to get your purchases in before the 16th.

If you wanted to support us at Nintendo Life by purchasing eShop credit from our store (and thank you, if you are), these vouchers might be of interest to you during the sale period:

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Will you p-p-pick up a Picross in this Summer Sale? Let us know in the comments.