Update [Wed 23rd Aug, 2023 01:35 BST]:

We've updated this round up post with some new reviews to give you an ever better idea about what to expect. Enjoy!

Original article [Sat 19th Aug, 2023 03:45 BST]:

It's been an action-packed week of releases on the Switch, with a number of highly anticipated releases launching on the hybrid platform.

In amongst the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Vampire Survivors, we've got Team Reptile's Jet Set-inspired game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Now that the game is out on Switch, the critic and YouTube reviews have begun rolling out.

The good news is it seems to have been positively received so far, with some outlets even praising it as a true spiritual sequel. So while you wait for our own review to drop here on Nintendo Life, here's a handful of the reviews so far...

The folks on the YouTube channel GameXplain "loved" it:

"Everything that made Jet Set Radio a cult classic franchise is perfectly recreated and improved upon. While there are issues with the execution of the story and the game's awkward combat, at its core [Bomb Rush Cyberfunk] is a love letter to the franchise forgotten by its creator but beloved by many."

The Team at Noisy Pixel gave it an 8.5 out of 10, also referring to it as a "love letter" to Sega's game:

"Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a love letter that undoubtedly does more than enough to captivate Jet Set Radio veterans and those who have no idea what it is. Between the contextually stellar soundtrack, fantastic movement system, and intricate narrative, you’re bound to find yourself attached to some part of this experience that boasts its heart on its sleeve. Even though the combat scenarios can overstay their welcome, and the pacing can be a turn-off, looking past those faults provides a one-of-a-kind skating dream."

YouTube channel Retro Rebound thought it was "awesome" and highly recommends it to Jet Set fans, even if the cutscenes and combat aren't always the best:

"If you're a Jet Set fan...this is the game you've been waiting for, it's not perfect...but it really is a treat..."

Nintendo Everything gave it a thumbs up, calling it "incredible from top to bottom":

"The game somehow manages to evoke everything that was great about its inspirations, while also forging its own identity by establishing a unique cast of characters and an incredible world to explore."

SVG called it a "blast from the past with a modern beat" - awarding it eight out of ten:

"Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fascinating blend of the past and the present. While it borrows heavily from its predecessors, it adds its own unique twist to the mix while far outdoing other titles that fell short of being the next "Jet Set Radio." Some areas need refinement, but the overall package is solid."

GameCrate wasn't quite as glowing with its prase, serving up a score of six out of ten:

"There’s no doubt that some Jet Set Radio fans hungry for more will enjoy Bomb Rush Cyberfunk...but in the end, it did little more than inspire nostalgia for the original, gorgeous though it may be."

And last but not least Shacknews gave it eight out of ten:

"This game is like a long-lost Dreamcast game in so many different ways, and most of them are good. Clearly, the developers at Team Reptile understand the concept of love."

That's it on the review front for now, but again - our own one here on Nintendo Life is on the way, so be on the lookout for that.

Have you tried out Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on the Switch yet? What are your own impressions so far? Leave a comment below.