Super Mario Oreo
Image: Nintendo / Mondelez International

Earlier this year, Nintendo entered into a collaboration with the confectionary brand Oreo to create a batch of Super Mario-themed Oreo cookies. There were 16 designs released including the likes of Mario himself, Bowser, Princess Peach, Boo, Fire Flower, and many more.

The thing about cookies, however, is that they will either turn to mush in the acidic pit of our stomachs, or they're doomed to remain locked away in their packets, slowly growing more and more moldy with each passing year until they become nothing more than the very last resort for a group of starving survivors of the apocalypse.

So how can we preserve an oddity such as this? Why, by uploading 3D scans of each cookie onto the internet, and that's exactly what 'video game enthusiast and archivist' @MrTalida has done.

As noted above, the Oreos were spray painted white in order for the 3D scan to work, essentially making the cookies inedible; a noble sacrifice, to be sure.

Nevertheless, all 16 designs are now viewable via the Internet Archive. While this may seem a rather quaint endeavor at the time of writing, who knows, maybe someone will stumble across it in 50 years' time and marvel at its obscurity.

Have you tried the Super Mario Oreos yet? Which other Nintendo IP do you think deserves the Oreo treatment? Let us know with a comment down below.

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