Pikmin 4 GBA SP
Image: Nintendo

If collecting all of the treasures in Pikmin 4 hasn't scratched your collecting itch, then you should take a leaf out of clay artist and Pikmin fan Zatch Mehr's book.

Mehr has given himself the task of collecting every treasure you can find in Pikmin 4 — but in real life. Sharing his progress on Twitter so far, Mehr has already gathered together a huge amount of treasures. Simple, everyday items like candles, a water bowl, and golf balls are fairly easy to come by, but we can't imagine that specific octopus toy was easy to come across.

Eagle-eyed Pikmin fans will probably notice that some items are missing — the Joy-Con, watermelon, and the extremely heavy gold bar aren't among Mehr's collection, but he's still working on building up his findings and gathering enough sparklium.

Gathering the items in-game is fun enough, given the delightfully weird names the game gives to each item — Olfactory Sculpture for a scented candle is inspired — but seeing them all laid out on a table in real life really hammers home the care and attention to detail that's gone into the latest Pikmin game.

With 239 unique treasures in Pikmin 4, we're excited to come back and look at Mehr's collection once it's finished. Perhaps he just needs an Oatchi or Moss (or a real dog) to perfect the collection.

Mehr also has his own Etsy store where he creates clay models of various Pikmin objects, enemies, and the little plant critters themselves — he's got the very octopus toy on sale there right now along with other creatures, so go check out Zatch's Clay Creations on Etsy right now.

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