After some delays, Team Reptile today launches its Jet Set Radio-style release Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on the Nintendo Switch.

This game blends dance, paint graffiti, beats, and tricks as you face off against rival crews and dispatch the military police to conquer the five boroughs of New Amsterdam. It also happens to be a really busy week with games like Red Dead Redemption and Vampire Survivors also arriving on the Switch.

It's got us wondering who will be showing their support for this one, with its exclusive Switch launch today. Other platforms will receive this title in September. So vote in our poll and leave a comment below.

Will you be getting Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Switch? (1,910 votes)

  1. Yes, day one31%
  2. Absolutely18%
  3. Probably, but not right away17%
  4. I haven't decided yet9%
  5. I might wait for a sale9%
  6. I'm getting something else  0.5%
  7. Yes, but for another platform6%
  8. No, I'm not interested9%