Fitness Boxing
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo UK has announced that Fitness Boxing will be unavailable to purchase from the Switch eShop after 30th November 2023, 11:59pm UK time.

Sharing the announcement on Twitter, the company did not give a reason for the removal, simply stating that " it will no longer be possible to purchase the digital version of Fitness Boxing or to download the demo".

If you've already purchased the game or downloaded the demo, you'll still have access to these as well as any future updates.

At the time of writing this, Nintendo UK and various European branches of the company have made this statement. However, Nintendo of America and other branches haven't followed suit. We'll update this article if there are any changes.

Fortunately, you can pick up physical versions of Fitness Boxing at retailers. But still, it's an unusual decision for Nintendo to make out of the blue.

What do you think of this announcement? Will you be snapping up Fitness Boxing before it disappears on 30th November? Let us know in the comments.